Windows 7 Ultimate

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by boney_m, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. I'm always an MS cynic; they havent got an OS right since windows 3.11, XP came close for ease but it has never been quite there. VISTA scored lower on the domino test than your average RMP.

    I've just put 7U on my computer, and as a bit of a SUSE fan i must admit to being slightly impressed. I'm feeling that its the first MS OS that is designed to compliment the hardware of a PC, not go all out to hijack every piece of resourse it has and then fcuk it in the wrong-un.

    It picked up my dual NVIDIA graphic cards and installed them in SLI - something i dont get from linux. It allowed me to create my C drive mirror and an RAID 5 over another 3 disks from within disk management, again without hassle (i appreciate RAID5 over 3 drives is fairly pointless, but i was giving the OS a chance). It also has a fairly appealing layout and look - the multiple views from the shortcut tray are quite cool.

    Downside, i'm having dramas with the media player. Dont know if anyone else is, but it hates MPG extensions.

    I'll give it some time - i know i'll go back to linux but for a Microsoft offering this isnt 3 bad.

    Any other oppinions?
  2. Used it over xmas as we had relatives out and wanted to play networked windows games but put linux back on after the break. Its fairly good but I found it would crash especially when left alone for long periods of time just downloading. I agree though probably their best yet have you tried the usual VLC player. It plays most things for me;
  3. VLC is the swiss army knife of media players - and have just given it a bash but get the same problems. Its hardware/W7U specific i think.
  4. You have of course downloaded and installed the correct Nvidia drivers from the Nvidia site and are not using the W7 referance driver still? And ensured your motherboard drivers are up to date?
  5. I have speedy. I mentioned it installing everything earlier because i always judge OS's against "my dad" if he could do it, so can anyone. He still calls his Dell a Main Frame.

    I've updated MB and Nvidia from site to the latest W7.
  6. I agree, Win 7 is pretty good and I now have it on three laptops at home, with home sharing etc all squared away. I was fortunate enough to have access to free copies (perks of the job) so I'm as happy as a pig in poo. I much prefer it to Vista, which was hideous. Even my wife and young daughter are completely at ease with it.

    I am a huge VLC fan - it plays everything for me. WMP and Real Player et al can kiss my arse.
  7. W7U has a couple of good features one being the ability to use XP mode. You can run programs in a similar environment to XP whilst using W7U. Also liked the god mode if you google that it lets you have access to lots of settings in W7U.

    This might help again using VLC but have a read.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    This is a clever hack fr those who do not have Pro or Ultimate: