Windows 7 Pre Beta Release

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Baldrick66, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Looks like Microsoft have finally got an OS that might actually be worth looking at next year.
    I managed to get a VMware image of the pre Beta version of Windows 7 just before chrimbo and have been running various tests on it over the holidays. Unlike vista it's nowhere near as resource hungry and is actually pretty stable even at this early stage of development. Boots quickly and even running it with minimum resources for the VM image of 512 Ram still performs very quickly in comparison to Vista and XP, with none of the usual lag previously experienced with Vista. Finally it appears like Microsoft are biting the bullet and are actually going to release an OS which won't need a massive hardware upgrade just to use it and has some pretty useful features as opposed to the continual nagging messages and hangs that Vista generates on a regular basis.

    Anyone else had a chance to play with it yet? Any thoughts?

    Latest Vmware Build can be found Here

    It runs fine the free VMware player or the Microsoft version. Unusually Microsoft haven't even kicked off about this 'leaked' Beta and even seem to welcome feed back prior to the release of the Official Beta in the spring.
  2. Surely this is a WAH :D

    Very interesting that it took a global down turn for Microtoss to start listening to everybody's gripes about memory, lag and errors.

    Thanks for the linky.
  3. Are they listening or are they worried about other things? :wink:

    Microsoft 'mulling thousands of redundancies'
  4. There is a possibility that MS want to keep a hold on the netbook market. Alot of netbooks are being marketed with various releases of Linux as standard. Perhaps a less hungry, bloated and cheaper version of Windows will help them keep the market?
  5. I did say MIGHT :D

    As I said, looks promising so far, especially when compaired to the Longhorn/Vista Beta which was toss from day one.

    I think Microsoft might be pushing this through quite quickly as it's largest customer the US Federal Gobment, refuses to upgrade to vista. It's three latest large scale IT projects are using Linux OS and backbone as opposed to Windows based OS which must be costing Microsoft sh*t loads in lost revenue.
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