windows 7 help !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by rogermellie, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. My fellow Arrsers i have a problem.
    My daughters cannot connect to the internet and i have now run out of ideas.
    I have tried just about everything including different browsers, a wireless dongle, a mobile dongle, ethernet cable and to be honest i am totally lost.
    Every time you open any of the browsers i get the same message "page cannot displayed"
    I tried disabling the firewall , that made no difference.
    The only hope is i did a ping and got something back ! I,m sure there is an issue somewhere but just cannot put my finger on it.
    I ran malware bytes and emisoft emergency but that came back all ok.
    The other thing that may be relevant is i tried to do a system restore but it wouldnt let me , the message was something like "unable to complete system restore.........."
    Can any of my fellow arrsers give me any pointers?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Kind regards,

    R M
  2. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    Got virus protection installed... ive known it in the past to stop you surfing without protection....

    Disabled Windows defender.. User account control.. ??
  3. Hi,

    Cheers for this , virus protection in and ok.
    I created a new user account thinking that her usual account may have got a glitch in it, no difference.

    Kind regards

    R M
  4. has someone manually set the IP address or added a proxy server to the config. It sounds like a DNS problem to me.
  5. Hi,
    my thought too but that would not be relevant if i was using a mobile broadband dongle?
    How could i clear all dns settings etc that are stored in the cache?

    Kind regards

    R M
  6. If you have a modem/wireless router a la Virgin, Sky/BT it sometimes works if you power off the modem, router and computer. Leave for a couple of minutes then reboot modem then router and finally PC. Let the modem lights settle down before proceeding to step 2.
    Also some equipment doesn't like being connected until all the drivers have loaded for that particular piece.
    Hope you get it sorted :-D

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  7. msr

    msr LE

    Can other computers connected to your router get on to the internet? If so then we can narrow down the problem to that PC.

  8. It's always difficult to advise somebody, sight unseen as it were, but I had something similar a while back. I had plugged into an Hotel ethernet and kept getting nowhere. Eventually I found a tiny box to tick deep inside a settings menu, and then all was fine. Installing a dongle had set some default settings that wern't quite right. So maybe you have something similar. Try exploring your settings. Just in case it's something simple being over-looked.
  9. I wondered about that, then I thought..but it doesn't have to be on the net or attached to modem/router to do a restore. I think a system restore should be carried out again and the full reason written down for being unable to complete. If for eg, it says that the registry has been compromised, that's it fucked, a virus has been installed by maybe one of these 'free check' sites and the PC will need to be cleaned up and reinstated with Windows 7. On the other hand it could be something that can be self fixed.
  10. Msr glad you rocked up !!
    All other laptops etc connect fine no probs, the issue is with daughters laptop.
    I am beginning to think that the os has gone tits up some how as it will not do a system restore either

    Kind regards

    R M
  11. Sounds more like a problem with the router blocking port 80...http traffic or simply...web sites. If you can use the computer with other internet services such as msn or something I'd say it's the router.
    That or I'd stick the windows disk in and try to repair it that way...could be a problem with something called winsoc...but I'd try the repair function on the windows 7 disk first.
  12. Not being a tit, but you HAVE switched on the laptop wireless card? :)
  13. Nope not the router as i get exactly the same when i plug in a mobile dongle (three) and other pc's/laptops connected are fine

    Kind regards,

    R M
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Start -> Run -> Cmd

    then type: ipconfig

    and cut and paste the result here.
  15. |Cheers msr will do, the lappy is with my daughter who lives with her mum.............
    Will try and get a copy tomorrow

    Cheers for the help from everyone

    Kind regards