Windows 7 - disappearing windows

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Grey_Mafia65, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. Using Windows 7 Professional on a desktop, if I use keyboard and accidentally move the mouse, the window disappears! Doesn't matter if the window is full-screen or not. Tried googling the query but only found one example and that was someone using laptop with secondary monitor.
  2. Does the window re-appear if you move the mouse again? In Windows 7 the bottom right hand corner drops you back to the desktop, could be your mouse is hitting this 'sweet spot'.
  3. Put the mouse pointer in the bottom right corner, and all is gone?
  4. I hadn't noticed the bottom right hand corner trick, and yes, it could be that. Invariably, the mouse is near my right arm so when if I do move it, it would be off in a 5 o'clock direction. Any ideas how to turn it off as it extremely annoying!

    Edited to add, have now found how to turn it off. Easy when you know what's causing the problem in the first place. Many thanks :)
  5. Chop your right arm off?
  6. Right click the mini bar in the bottom right and untick 'Peek at desktop', that should sort it for you.
  7. See my edited post, thanks anyway :)
  8. Microsoft added a small gray bar at the far right-hand end of the Taskbar that does the same thing as Show Desktop icon did in earlier versions of Windows. If you hover over this bar it will display the words Show Desktop. You can click it again to toggle between showing the desktop or the open windows.

    As Fubes says If you want to disable the hover feature simply right-click on the gray bar and uncheck "Peek at desktop". The button will still work if you click on it, but will no longer show the desktop when you hover over it. You cannot remove this gray bar from the toolbar, but you can at least disable the hover feature. Tech by Bucky: Show Desktop in Windows 7
  9. Get back to Torn and earning money. :winkrazz:
  10. Maybe I'm being blonde, but wtf is the purpose of that? Was it really so hard to minimize a window if you wanted to get back to the desktop or click on the old icon?

    Fecking Gates, fixing things that ain't broken... grumble grumble grumble
  11. sorted mine out now thank's, BUT when typing my cursor keeps jumping around! so i am in para two, line three, hit return carry on typing, look up and the bloody thing has moved and inserted the last ten sentences up in para one, now what the hell is that all about, googled it with no luck?