Windows 7 can't boot up

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by bigbird67, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. I was using my other pc earlier (brand new, only had it a week or so) when IE stopped working and froze! WTF?? Switched off and restarted.....and now Windows can't boot up. I've tried booting up from the CD and it can't do it. Tried to run a repair from the cd...nada!Tried to completely re-install but when I tell it to install into the C drive it says "insert disc into C drive" or similar. Does this just mean something has worked loose and the C drive is effectively 'unplugged'? Or am I being totally ******* dim?

    I've tried starting in safe mode but it won't even do that! into safe mode, asked it to do a repair and i get

    "IDE drive doesn't exist or ALL primary partitions are occupied" so I'm assuming its a formatting issue?
  2. Sounds hard disk related for sure, whether the Master Boot Records are borked or if the harddisk itself has bitten the dust, perhaps someone on here might be able to shed some more light on recovery but I'd start recceing for a new disk for if it can't be salvaged
  3. Open her up and listen to the drive at boot. If it's clicking, it's fubared. Make sure that the power connector & ribbon are both firmly positioned. If it's still giving hassle, take back to where you bought it and tell them it's snafu'ed and you want them to fix it. (Free of charge of course)
  4. I can't offer any technical help, bb, but surely if you've only had it a week you should be taking it straight back to the shop and telling them to get it sorted?
  5. aye, take it back to were you purchased it and demand you notes back.
  6. Contacted overclockers who have immediately said "we'll replace it, send it back" so can't knock them at all. AND I overcame my tech phobia and removed it all by mine self instead of waiting for the boy (who is on a rugby tour of North Wales with my son's colts team...even more reason to avoid Prestatyn) as he won't be able to scratch his arse without shaking by the time he gets home tomorrow.
  7. 'Scuse me one of the brightest, handsomest well endowed and irresistable to women live in Prestatyn!
  8. Non solid state Hard drives dont like being moved and jogged about much. So they either fail within a few weeks of deilvery (having been jogged about when shipped to whoever made your PC and then again when said PC was deilvered to you) or last for ages and wear sets in on the moving parts. Overclockers are a decent bunch and will do the right thing.
    My record is one poor lass who had three fail on the trot...cos the replacement HDD will have been couriered as well!
  9. The boys are at Butlins for the weekend with Nuneaton RFC! Canyoning today but out and about tomorrow! The OH was put to bed by my 16 year old son before 10pm last night, has lost his phone and is generally hanging! You should go and find them! They're all dressed as superheroes :D
  10. I did offer to go and collect it, but they didn't seem keen :(
  11. Lightweight! We have a lot in common. :)
  12. 10 grammes of white noise will sort it for ever.