Windows 7 backup questions

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 4(T), Oct 14, 2010.

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  1. I'm setting up my Windows 7 Pro 64 PC to use the backup feature to save to a NAS drive.

    Ideally, I'd like it to make one master backup, and then simply synch file changes whenever the PC is switched on.

    I've googled around, but still don't understand:

    1. does Win 7 backup make a fresh additional backup each time, or will it overwrite the original? (I.e. I don't to fill my NAS with dozens of redundant backup files);

    2. can the backup be made incremental - ie just any files changes that have occurred - or can it only make a full backup?

    Will I be better off using a third party backup/synch software instead? If so, is there a fairly simple freeware version?

  2. I'm not sure about Win 7 software, but you can buy "second copy" for $29.95. I've used it. You have the choice of full or incremental. Also you can make different backup profiles so you can select what/when/how you want your backups to run.

    It's also very easy to use.

    Windws backup software Second Copy: Pricing and Ordering Licenses
  3. Don't be mean! Buy a 'real' backup package like Acronis True Image - it's only $49.99.
  4. Ditto. Played with various solutions over the years - finally settled on Acronis about 6 months ago. I don't see myself changing anytime soon.
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Thanks for replies. Paragon looks good.

    So I guess I can't do a "send incremental updates only" set-up using just Windows 7 own back-up tools?

    I don't know why Microsoft always assumes that every PC is going to be switched on 24/7, and thus only offers fixed time schedules for back-ups and other utilities. Seems much more logical to offer a schedule related to when the PC is actually switched on and in use....
  7. BUMP .... because I now realise that I was asking the wrong question.

    There are a lot of backup solutions which work just fine, including the "push" system in Win 7 itself. This makes a scheduled, incremental (block) backup across my home network to my NetGear ReadyNAS Duo drive.

    What I now realise that I want to do is not just make a backup - but to be able to synchronise working files across my home network. The backup for each individual PC will obviously protect the system files and allow a restore of that particular PC, but it of course won't allow data files to be shared or edited. I assume that I need to make a separate server copy of "My Documents", and synchronise this to the network PCs.

    So: any recommendations for a decent synchronisation utility?
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Trying to synchronise files between multiple PCs is a losing battle...
  9. Have you tried Windows Live Mesh. I have it running on several PC's and it keeps my files synced. You have the option to do a peer to peer sync, and / or sync it to (Microsoft) owned internet site as well.

    I am not sure how that will sync the files to your server though.
  10. For those that don't know Microsoft have a v good free copy utility called "Sync Toy".
  11. Yes, I've been looking at that one. It wasn't immediately clear if it was suitable for Win7 64 (there is a 64 bit version), and some of the reviews are a bit mixed.

    I primarily need to synch from my main working PC to a ReadyNAS Duo, but be able to edit and change the files on the NAS from other PCs in the house. I thought originally about trying to synch from the NAS to all four PCs - ie make them all mirror images - but I can see that is inviting complete chaos...