Windows 7 appears to be having an emotional breakdown on my computer.

I have a Premium Home version of Windows 7 ( genuine version ) that was installed on the computer when I bought it.
Over the past few days the system seems to be going to pieces, multiple drivers failing, software not loading and internet explorer constantly crashing or failing to load.

In the properties selection of my computer, the usual stuff comes up about about processor/memory/system type etc.
and at the bottom I have the Product ID for windows.....however I am now getting constant messages falshing up about " Windows activation " ....The windows 7 home premium key you typed is invalid for activation....

Gives me an option of using ..

1) using the automated phone system
2) Buy a new product key online
3) Type a different product key.

Also on the My computer/properties it states " 2 days until automatic activation.Activate windows now "

This is still the computer that I had the windows 7 installed upon....but appears it now thinks I have an invalid copy and is trying to stiff me to buy another windows 7 ?
Sounds like there's something wrong with your computer, quite apart from the activation issue. First things first, open up computer, right click on your C drive, select properties, then the tools tab, and select check for errors. Follow the on-screen instructions and report back. Difficult to tell precisely from here, but I reckon there's a possibility your hard drive could be circling the drain.

Also, have a Google for the Daz Windows 7 loader as a tool of last resort if you can't get Win7 activated.
They'd all knacker themselves out by the time the Mac finally died. One of the main reasons I buy Macs over Windows jobbies.
Fair point and it's a grand boast on apples part. I don't believe it though, no system is perfect.

It hasn't stopped me buying a MacBook though, I am very impressed with Apple (not the price though, it's fackin' extortionate!)
I've posted this a few times - don't go chasing up the garden path - SYSTEM RESTORE gets you out of the majority of the reported issues - start / all programs / accessories / system tools / system resore - follow the onscreen instructions - a lot of issues are fixed in 2 mins using sys restore. Then stop going on dodgy websites and getting infections !!!!!
I'm still not convinced about their claim that viruses don't affect their computers otherwise I would.
Go Linux for free, download a copy of Zorin or Puppy linux, write it to cd. Boot computer from cd and run without installing, this will check your machine is ok. Who knows you might like it and stick with it like I and many others have, whatever happens you will be no worse off. Remove CD and reboot to go back to how you were before.
I use Mac & Win systems - Mac is good but NOT worth the extra dosh. Main problem with windows kit is generally found sitting in front of the keyboard !!
I have setup the hard drive to scan itself for Monday as a quick check has come up with a few problems on it apparently. Also installed a secondary hard drive tonight that I have bought, but never got around to actually fitting....made this as my backup drive with all my essential bobbins on it.

The new/backup drive is a 2TB one that I think I will do a complete clone of the main drive on Monday, must have about 600gb of games/photos on it that I really do not want to download again if it goes tits up.

I am going to fit a new processor this week as well as the old computer is tending to struggle and get a tad warm when playing planetside 2.

I am aiming for a AMD FX-6200, an affordable six core cpu that fits my motherboard and comes quite well recommended in terms of value/oomph/power useage..AMD CPU FX Series 6200 Black Edition Six Core Processor - FD6200FRGUBOX -

If that does not fix it...I will probally have to start sulking.But I am going to have a very close look at that Linus setup, it does look quite impressive.
See if you can do a system restore or reset to an earlier state
Alternatively install linux, I've much fewer problems with it than with windows
Possibly too obvious a question, buy did you actually complete the Windows activation when you first got the machine? It may be that your grace period is running out.

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Yompu...One of the rather unusual events of the windows breakdown was it completely reset my system restore schedule.All previous saves had done a scarper and it set the system to basically have system restore turned off.

Bruno....Yes, I did do the initial registration with microsoft when I first bought the computer, I know what you mean though....sometimes it is the bleedingly obvious mistake that it over looked.

The hard drive checked as as 100% working and undamaged. So I may have narrowed it down to the only other component that has been changed recently...I replaced my 8gb of ram with 16gb of ram a week before the system started going tits-up.I have now put the old ram back in and I am going to give the computer a good thrashin ( virtual of course ) to see if that was the problem.


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you could just have picked up one of those fuckabout viruses of which there are plenty.

offline do scans of the full system and in safe mode open a command prompt as admin and run - sfc.exe /scannow at least three times.

windows seems to go through a phase every few months of fcuking about with everyone and deleting their validation status. which is odd as you used to be able to get away with reusing windows codes on new machines every six months because they deleted their data yet your pc kept the validation file. it could be they are doing that but keeping their copy whilst deleting yours.
I've never been a fan of pre-installed OSs. When something goes completely tits up, it's nice to have a CD copy of the OS, reformat the disk and start from scratch.

I like to do this every now and again anyway, as a clean install is the only real way of getting rid of accumulated registry crap etc. and sorting out niggles that build up and do not respond to fixes.
If you've added new components to the PC after the activation it may think you're running a "new" PC on which the original license isn't valid. My understanding is that Windows takes stock of your hardware configuration at installation and uses it as a fingerprint to prevent piracy. If your config has changed it can start assuming you've shifted the key to a new machine, and OEM licenses aren't made to be transferrable. Overall it does sound more like a corruption rather than a license problem, but it's worth bearing in mind.
Looks like Bruno beat me to it. I was just about to suggest the same thing, as Windows scans through the hardware and pulls whatever generic drivers it needs during the installation. The OS might still think it has only 8GB of addressable memory, and a manufacturer-specific quirk in the new RAM chip would cause driver problems.
Looks like Bruno beat me to it. I was just about to suggest the same thing, as Windows scans through the hardware and pulls whatever generic drivers it needs during the installation. The OS might still think it has only 8GB of addressable memory, and a manufacturer-specific quirk in the new RAM chip would cause driver problems.
That's not the point I was making - yours is better!

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