Windows 10, should I or shouldn`t I?

Got a shock tonight when I booted up my computer from cold. I got sound. From my HDMI output to telly port. Via my R9 390X. This happens so rarely it's a surprise, as I usually have to re-install the sound drivers from scratch every time I start up. And this only happened on Windows 10, as AMD, Realtek and Microsoft hate each other and me and won't usually play nice with each other. And me.
In that single sentence you have invited the everlasting hatred of two sets of fanboys.
And thus starts yet another three way Holy War!

Unix spods v people who actually want to do something productive v people who don’t really give a shit as long as it marks them out as cool when they are doing the SQRT of FA and has a fruity logo.
I disagree with that Doggers old chap.

Windows is fine for everything in my experience. All my important stuff is done in Win10.

I use the iPad for web browsing and reading books. I just get annoyed at how much functionality gets squeezed out of applications in order to shoehorn them onto an iPad. Word and Excel on the iPad look like kiddy starter versions - I am surprised they are not badged with a Micky Mouse image.

All my music is on a PC and I use it for listening to stored music and various radio stations. I would have an issue getting 200GB of music onto an iPad.

I don’t do games but that’s not contentious here.

The iMac I had (for the missus) was a lovely looking piece of kit with a great screen but it wouldn’t run SAGE accounting. Office was neat on the iMac but that’s nothing to do with Apple (although it is their largest application software revenue stream).

Apart from the iPad I don’t think I would want three different OSs in the home/Office.
Main PC & laptop are windows, with assorted VMs containing Linuces and OS X, music and code are cloud based (the proceeds from sale of the records and CDs will pay for decades of Spotify). Work PCs are Linux with windows and Mac VMs.


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