Window Licking Mong Neighbours..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I live in a block of four apartments,Yesterday morning around 5.30am ish,the eejit neighbor downstairs locked himself in his bedroom at & spent the next hour kicking his bedroom door,then yelling out of his window for the neighbor below me,to help him.
    So a neighbor across the road who was leaving for work at the time (she works in the newsagents) bimbled across & let herself into his flat with his keys,& eventually gets the bedroom door open...Looked like he'd been kicking the door instead of pulling it open!
    Said idiot could have climbed out of his ground floor bedroom window & let himself in....:spiderman:
    After an eternity,normality returns & everyone goes back to bed in their own apartments...TEN minutes later it starts again...THE FUCKING IDIOT HAD LOCKED HIMSELF IN AGAIN!!!
    So I went to bed last night,absolutly bolluxed from the early wake up call,then at 6 AM today..Fuck me,it's Groundhog day...HE'D DONE IT AGAIN!!
    I swear the fucker better duck tommorow if he does it again!!!
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  2. Wait till he's asleep and batter him with a cricket bat. Sounds like he needs putting out of his misery.

    Practice on the homeless if you must.
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  3. Do the neighborly thing, knock on his door and tell him you have come to help him. Remove his bedrroom door and throw away the hinges. Care in the community and all that.
  4. Build a time machine, go back and get some qualifications then buy a big shiny detached house. Gypo ....
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  5. Would seem that the Emperor Mong, all hail him, is vacationing at your neighbors.
  6. You've got some nerve to admit that on here :nod:

    Anyway, I thought the Divis Flats had been demolished?