Window Cleaners

Guys you probably gunna find this boring.....................
Im sitting on me computer, pi?sing down with rain and the windows cleaners are here, pointless, dont belive what im seeing

Shall i pay them ????
Why didn't you get your missus to do them in the first place? Only pay them if they regail you with stories and show you videos of milfs in action they have seen whilst cleaning windows.
:D You know you'll pay them, even if they smear a pound of Anchor Lite mixed with cat sh*t over your windows, your need for advice on this matter displays openly your inability to think for yourself which further exposes your fear of confrontation, so when he puts his roll up out and taps on the door you will be scratching round in your jeans like a man possessed for a crumpled fiver and you will probably greet and fawn over him and his bucket like a long lost brother,

You'll tip him as well no doubt.
muzungu_marlow said:
Your missus shows you videos of her doing milfs? You sir, are a lucky man.
sadly, I don't have a missus....even sadder is that I don't have a missus that shows vids of her doing milfs.
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