Winding up our Colonial buddies

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Manic_mechanic, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Had an interesting chat with a Septic the other day. I have to say our American cousins are easily wound up. Just wondering if anyone else has found our Yank allies are a tad easy.

    Beer was involved and said USMC Staff Sergeant (23 year old by the way) was becoming emotional and patriotic.

    Conversation went like this:

    Me: So have the Marines got over Vietnam yet?

    Yank: Mot**r f88*er!! Wadaya mean? Where the F**k were you guys for that?

    Me: Us? Well we thought the Vietcong were doing alright on their own so thought we'd sit it out.

    (I did debate pointing out certain UK and Aussie elements had been there trying to help the US).

    Yank: (Confused look until he twigged) Lots of mangled swearing ending in "f**k you too as*hol*"

    Yanks have no sense of humor or grasp of the subtle art of sarcasm.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Shot, out!

    Nice one, MM. Always fun.
  3. Winding up drunk USMC is just too easy.
    Nicely done mm
  4. In the early 70's a small band of Planties worked at USAF Base Alconbury for 6 weeks.

    The evenings were spent on camp drinking in a vast selection of clubs and very quickly the word got round that these Brit squaddies could tamp beer down their neck like no-ones business and the Yanks used to come and watch us drink!

    One evening the friendlier boys joined us for a social beer and eventually the convo get round to Vietnam, Korea and NI etc etc etc, you know the drill!

    One of our colonial brothers mentioned Pearl Harbour, at this your truly jumps to his feet and says " dont mention Pearl Harbour to me, my dad died there !........quickly he replies.."was he seconded to the US Navy?"

    "no" says me.."he was a Kamakazi Pilot!" riot quickly followed.............miserable buggers.
  5. i just wipe my arrse on a septic flag instead......
  6. Aww genesis how rude, but for the next version of survivor would you be willing to pull your stunt at say Camp Victory?
  7. However whats so manly about a nation that has a tea time and a general population that wets their pants at the sight of a firearm.
  8. Bloody Belgians.
  9. Damn them damn them all to hell.
  10. Erm, an Empire covering about 1/3 of the globe at one point?
  11. I used to be quite proud of the pink bits.
  12. Even on a map.
  13. Hmm which empire WAS that, oh yeah the one you still read about in the history books.
  14. I still blame the Belgians.
  15. But the Belgians have those nice waffles, can you hold that against them?