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Discussion in 'US' started by Suddick, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Typical. Opinions are like arrseholes. Pity that the actual government doesn't speak for itself and lets any Tom, Dick and Harry sound off.

    Get a grip
  2. I agree with the FBI fella. Let the cnuts rot in jail, ill or not! Same with Ronnie Biggs. Can't do the time, don't do the crime.
  3. The Septics know he wasn't the right man, it was all a set up and they should all be happy that relationships are improving and Africa's largest oil reserves can be tapped now.

    Removes tin foil hat.
  4. Whatever the viewpoint; something stinks about this whole episode, a bit like a rotting smell that you can't find. Son of Qadaffi claims it was some kind of a trade deal, Libya thanks us for letting the Lockerbie bomber walk free, then they give him a rousing welcome back home.

    Our Leader says nowt, Mandy goes on telly for a bit, and it's sorted.

    Wonder what the victims' families make of us?
  5. This was all probably negotiated with the Colonel way back some years ago when Teflon B'Lair was Prime Mentat... whats the betting there was back-street horse-trading then... all alleged of course... Mr Blair is an 'Honorable'

    Of course our 'Man Who Would Be King' Lord Mendacious has publicly denied anything.... But the noises coming out of Libya do suggest that this was done for some sort of Trade Deals.... So do you beleive... Lord Mentat or the Libyians...

    ... and where is Pa Broone in all this.... he has kept stum and kept his bonce below the parapet.... No doubt it, if things blow up politically-wise for McDoom, he can always put the blame on the SNP, Salmon and the scottish Gubbermunt/Assembly..... "Nuffing to do wiff us Guv"... mutters McDoom... "Its all Mr Salmons doing..!"

    Of course, all this could have serious consequences for American tourists visiting Scotland and the UK.... especially if pressure is put on any coming here by the US Government...
  6. Uncle

    I was more appauled that a functionary of state decided that it was in his gift to write to the Scottish Executive. Who on earth is he writing on behalf of apart from himself? The Court of St James regulates missives from the US government. Is their state machinery so parlous that any tw@t can wade in?

    As far as my quote from your post is concerned, they did a fair amount of cowardly 'I can't go to England' whilst we lived with their citizens sponsoring the IRA and their politicians and courts protecting the scum as well as them running away after we bent over to allow them to illegally bomb Tripoli via the UK. Why should we care if they get in yet another huff about another group of folk that have their own non US worldview?