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Being the victim of a harsh gay wind up, was wondering if anyone had a harsher wind up story than having texts sent to their mobile phone at the rate of 5 a minute, all with gay explicit sexual content in it
My mates posted a fake gay love letter addressed to me, to my parents house, whilst I was at university. By the time I next spoke to them, the damage had already been done.

edit - Forgot, I tried to get him back by logging onto his ebay account when he was passed out drunk. Ordered him some gay porn (big gay bears), but it backfired when he got it, then posted it to my parents house again addressed to me.

I gave up in the end, he won.
Reminds me of one, my brother and I got a ladder, went up to a mates window, opened it, thre three condoms in, then a condom filled with fairy liquid for realism, and sat back.

Mates mum came back, found them, put the used one in his jacket, which he found when out later for a drink, the other three his mum kept, then asked him a week latter that if he has sex in house, could he please clean up after, causing a big argument there, with mate denying it all.

Even worse, mates mum was told he had left house with another mate laughing and slapping each other on back.

We left it a month befor saying anything, thought it best, as things were pretty tense there I hear
The condom was a coloured one, so the green fairy didnt show, and we were window cleaning at the time, so that was all we had apart from water, suitably sticky
After a night out one of our mates fell asleep on the floor, so we thought it would be fun to use him as a drawing board. He fell asleep fully clothed so we stripped him to his boxers and drew on him with permanent marker (A few swatzstickers and nobs here and there). Not one inch of his body was left untouched. Then to top it off I put a rolled up cheese slice down the back of his pants. We then dressed him again and left it at that. In the morning he just thought he had shit himself and was sniffing his fingers constantly. Not noticing the drawings until he got home in the shower.

Was one of the funniest moments ever especially as he couldnt get the marker off and had to go back to barracks the following day.

Alternatively, shave a line down the middle of his head or tea bag him when he is drunk and passed out.

If he is not drunk and sleeping then you could always send a man street pidgeon to his place of work or residence.

The_Civil_Civilian said:
OcdtSadler said:
If he is not drunk and sleeping then you could always send a man street pidgeon to his place of work or residence.

man street pidgeon?

He has obviously forgotten to log out of ARRSE and somebody is scribbling using his account. I mean, if it were a real officer Cadet, he wouldn't have written "swatzstickers".

The inclusion of a Z indicates to me that it's some Pole.
I tried to wind my watch up once. You know - the one with the arrse strap on?

Silly me. It takes batteries. I'm such a fool. :roll:

(I might have been trying to put a few innuendoes in there)

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