Wind ups and downright nasty tricks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_flikker, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. Whilst having a surf around the site, I was reminded of some of the wind ups I have been subjected to and the revenge that was satisfactorily extracted.

    There are plenty of them that have gone on down the years, what is your favourite and was revenge as sweet as you thought it would be. Of course its even better if the revengee is deep in the sh1te because you managed to frame him and he knows full well that he is the victim in a sad and sorry mess.

    So any takers, I will jump in with a few as soon as my old memory gets a right good jogging.
  2. Urinating in Fatboys steam iron. He stank for a long time after that.
  3. Making PA's ring out of lead silver knowing that his knob would rot.
  4. I like the smell :)
  5. It smells a bit like Russia then Chernobyl fallout.
  6. Strong elastic band rigged to bog seats with 2 hooks and a clothes peg. When victim sits down - laccy band is released to tw@t victim in the nutsack. A bit of wire coat hanger can be added for extra pain.
  7. A guy I knew got invited to stay at his mates pad one leave. The mate pulled a new bird on their first night at the local and then proceeded to make my mate feel uncomfortable and in the way for the next fortnight. He had an old fashioned brass bedstead which my mate found the brass balls on the uprights unscrewed. On his last day he unscrewed all the brass balls and put two shell-on prawns in each.
  8. A trip to pound land to buy one of those god awful musical jingle cards and dismantle it so you have just the annoying music thing.

    Handle of a spoon in your vics door window rubber - pop it in and voila they last up to three months, its a bitchto dismantle the door to get rid of the fcuking things also :twisted:
  9. sticking some 'Automatic Doors' stickers on the inside of some full length windows at an office in Donnington, and subsequently watching people carrying hefty, weighty boxes of files and stuff up to said windows then standing there for ages, stepping sharply towards them / waving at them / etc to try and get them to open, before cursing and walking to the actual doors. by which time they were noticing the weight. it was funny further the day it rained.

    the guy on the front desk was in on it so it lasted like 3 days before the silly cnut forgot to tell his replacement, who subsequently rang maintenance to come fix the faulty doors, who had to come from a civvy contractor who installed all the automatic doors on the building.... who was natually miffed to get there and find out they had driven half way across the county to remove a pair of stickers off some windows.

    this was of course general revenge on the civvy types working at the MoD place who looked down on us and made snide comments.

    the other one was when we went on a battlefield tour in france and got booted from the hotel for making loads of noise (and putting somebody's room in the lift) so loads of us shat on room service plates, unscrewed the heating duct covers off the wall and sent the plates down. unfortunately, the officer conducting said tour had by this point negotiated with the owner and allowed us to stay. the place stank for the rest of the time we were there, and probably a fair while after too.
  10. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Adding Imac/Veet hair removal stuff to someones shampoo, so their hair starts to fall out.
  11. Blowing away a Lt. H from 1 RAR with an F1A1 booby trap switch and far, far more pyro than I was allowed. I'd planned it so that the switch was right beside his head when it went boom.

    He, the DS, and the rest of the course knew I'd done it and why (he'd spent the previous seven weeks just asking for it), so I got away with it. :twisted:
  12. Tigerbalm on in-ear headphones, ideally prior to or during a long haul flight!
  13. urinate into a shallow cookie sheet. put into the freezer until frozen, then carefully remove frozen piss from the cookie sheet and slide under victims door, who is on a 48 hour pass. hilarity ensues.
  14. You're sick. I like you. What are you wearing?
  15. a smile, big boy