Wind turbines - not green it seems

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the article just covers peat sites though. they should stick them on the central reservation of the motorways easy to get to and run cables then.

    they'll come up with an excuse to carry on, its not about co2 anymore its about money
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  2. My view is and has been for some years that Wind Turbines are just another Euro/Left Wing/Green Con.
    Germany making the Turbines/Electrical bits and Denmark specialising in the Towers.
    Not a 100 % exact statement but the way I have come to believe from what I have read over the years.

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  3. On the contrary. It's a right-wing Tory euroscam designed to benefit already-prosperous farmers who do jolly nicely out of the eco-subsidies, thank you very much, not to mention living pretty well as it is, driving expensive cars and sending the children to exclusive schools, courtesy of a grateful taxpayer...
  4. So its basically impossible to be carbon neutral as all the green options end up not green at all.It's like eating healthy, everything in the end gives you cancer according to foodists, and to allow fresh produce to keep long enough to sell to us, or to grow on a decent scale they add all sorts of crap to the food which kills us anyway.Why can't we get rid of the idea that CO2 destroys the world, and incinerate all our rubbish/landfill, that way we remove the need to have land fills, and can produce electricity too.Win win
  5. Ah, but then you have biomass boilers and everyone who lives near one will die/get cancer/herpes or just a nasty sniffle. So they then dont get past planning and the power station that was to be converted stays as a coal one, which isnt a polluter at all and a few 100 more turbines go in offshore and we've that nice safe Sellafield place up the road which is perfectly safe and has never had any problems.....since they changed its name from Windscale
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  6. And dont get me started on CHP power plants what a stupid idea burning staple diet of populace indeed!
  7. Who gives a rats ass? they need to bin the AGW bollox and build more Nuclear and Coal Power Stations. And start fracking that gas before our sodding pensioners start freezing to death. Our mines closed in the 80s because they were not economical, I'd bet my balls that isn't the case now.

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  8. Can't re-open the mines as that would mean the Tories were wrong all along.
  9. I wonder who bankrolled this report?

    Regardless, not a problem, don't build windmills on peat.

    Hardly rocket science.

    If towers, blades and turbines were manufactured in UK then life Co2 costs would be reduced. As would shipping such items over by slave galley, rowed by our prison population and then moving over land Ancient Egyptian stylee... before being erected and installed.

    This is my personal boat.


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  10. In my dreams pal!

    Peat bogs suffer more from airbourne pollution than from a few service roads to the towers. When the roads do sink in they break up anyway thus disproving the barrier theory. As for drying out. You need some pretty serious drainage schemes for most peat bogs in Europe to dry out. plus they are usually in remote areas where there are few people and not a lot of traffic.
    I like the windmills and as I write I'm looking at twelve of them. Sadly six are not working due to some nutters deciding they are not that great and torching the control module. The area I live in can be self sufficient with wind power and exports energy most of the time.
  11. Getting more interesting this thread.
    Still considered that it all started as a Euro/Left/Wing scam but more then admit that in UK the rich and wealth land owning class have Proffed very nicely from Wind Turbines.
    And Yes Fracking and Nuc Power are a must do, mind you Coal well I am not going down that road, my old Dad was a faceworker and even he used to say in the 70's that there was no future in deep mined coal when Poland had seams 30 Ft. thick and now the Aussies can open cast mine 300 Ft. seems.

  12. From the article;
    The significance of the research is increased by the fact that it is funded by the broadly pro-wind Scottish government
  13. Ok so we build more off shore sites?
    Well that's just fine.Now what amount of carbon will be produced by building a new fleet of ships to construct and maintain these turbines?