Wind Farms

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kitmarlowe, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. Most of the time the wind turbines I can see as I write are not all turning. Not maintenance based either.

    Like looking at them though. I think they add to the view.
  2. I'm reading Tim Flannery at the minute

    We/the future/our children are all ******* doomed if these pricks protect the monied land owning types property from practical alternate energy sources

    Come the ******* climatic apocalypse their priviledged lives/property won't have any protection from the mad-max type rampaging screaming hoards surviving on hard hearts and violence

    Bring it on I say
  3. The big energy producers used to put proposals forward for wind farms, get awarded carbon credits for thinking 'green'. Flog them to the US to off-set the US carbon footprint. Nothing gets built, EON or whoever pocket some cash, US gets less of a ticking off for polluting the environment.

    I think without subsidies they probably aren't financially viable at the moment, this is just a bit of lip service to look like we are trying to meet the Kyoto agreement.
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  4. I heard a man ring into a radio programme today who claimed to work in the wind thing industry. He said that all the turbines have to have a diesel engine fitted to keep the blades turning when there was no wind as the weight of the blades would damage the bearings if they remained at rest. The ones in the sea were regularly visited by a maintenance crew. If that is true then we have really be sold a lie.
  5. If you've got a couple of quid to invest in the next few years, look at the consortiums that build nuclear.

    Sooner or later we're going to "panic buy" and they'll charge what they like.
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  6. I didn't think we signed the Kyoto agreement along with the biggest polluters, US and Australia
  7. We did sign it, with absolutely no chance of meeting the targets, but China, India, and the US didn't so it's pretty worthless.
  8. Winfpd farms are a huge con.
    The only winners are the land owners who make a fortune in rents for doing feck all.
  9. The turning of heavy loads as the man described is called 'barring gear'. Turbine/Generators use the system. High pressure oil first to lift the shaft off the bearing walls, then the barring motor starts.
  10. if they can safely run nuclear in a submarine they should be able to sort out safe nuclear on a bigger scale, unfortunately its also the Boogy man to leftist greeners, they need to take nuclear on the chin really as alternative energy hippy stylee doesn't cut the mustard yet and the absolute giants of the energy industry aren't gonna lie down and take any pain for the environmental lobby any time soon (BP apparently are trying...)
  11. Nuclear is the only real option for the UK.

    Look at the Frogs, 50 odd nuclear plants, cheap electric and so much spare, they flog it to us and their other neighbours for a good markup.
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  12. And even then its usually because of a twisted arm. At the moment they are trying to build some on land near and on my dads farm, most of the locals are hostile towards them and are campaigning against the plans, but they keep coming back with more money and offers to fund "community projects". The estate who is the biggest landowner in the area are all for them, presumably for the money and green credentials, so they are "encouraging" tenants on their land not to oppose them.