Wind Fall

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by target_stop, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Hey,

    I have just come into some money. £3.75 to be exact. It was change from a £5 note after i brought a sausage roll at a service station.

    How should i spend it?
  2. Obviously more sasuage rolls, you fuckwit.
  3. As it just happens, £3.75 is exactly how much it costs for me to reply to your post, send it cash to the usual address, cheers.
  4. Show me your observation skills.

    Oh, you just have.

    edit - Victorian Major has just spotted fuckwittery... damn..
  5. On my iPad, I have none [red-in-face]
  6. Top editing skills, mind...
  7. I flick at the Odeon, a slap up fish supper and the number 9 bus home, with change left to put in meter for the rest of the week!!! Bargin...
  8. another sausage roll and a can of pop..and maybe a yorkie bar
  9. I was going to get a copy of Razzle but it was £3.79. I ain't made of money.
  10. Fuck me! All that for £3.75. Where do you live, the North?
  11. You should buy shares in RBS.
  12. With £3.75 i would have better luck buying shares with Northen Rock. What could go wrong?
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke On ROPs Book Reviewer

    Well done my brother. Stand by me. Clearly you have Iron In The Soul and that is important when one suddenly comes into cash. Restraint and the calm heart is all according to my Mentor Lau Tzu.

    Ignore the advice above. Many of these people are ginger, Welsh, fat, slappers, Scotch and kiddy fiddlers who support Sunderland.

    If I had £3.79 to invest I should look for someone I trusted. Ideally a 6'4" Nordic Sex God with no convictions involving children in the UK. I know just the chap.

    PM me, yah?
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  14. It wasn't one of those Ginsters "sausage rolls" was it?
  15. You could always do your Good Deed for the Day and give your change to the Big Issue seller at the main entrance......... I'm a bit skint this month and any small change will do.... No Euros or washers please!! Thank yuo Guv.... "May the Emperor Mong look on you kindly today.....!"

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