winchesters last intake in March and it returning to an adult ATR

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by matt0638, Aug 24, 2011.

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  1. I have seen on Winchester facebook page that winchester is to change role ? Any one add any thing? True? Would the tech trades now all go to Harrogate and do the same course? or would they do the shorter course but at harrogate?
  2. It seems that all Junior entry will go to AFC Harrogate from September 2012, ATR Winchester will just do Adult 14 weeks along with Pirbright and Bassingbourn will no longer be a training Regimen, ITC Catterick will remain the same....No official literature is out let and the powers above will pass this info down in due course. This will not effect the standard of training Recruits will get on their CMSR.............wait out for further news as it is passed down.
  3. Surely a spelling mistake here? passed is always spelt with an I when it concerns news from on high.
  4. Really? My son was one of the last Support Arms to go through AFC Harrogate. He passed out from there in Dec last year. The Support Arms were to have the ATFC in Winchester. Are you saying that that decision has been reversed?
  5. Well anyone following the last decade has seen it go from ATFC Arborfield/AFC Harrogate to ATFC Harrogate early 2000 to ADC Bassingbourn/AFC Harrogate mid 2000 then to AFC Harrogate/ATFC Winchester and now as said looks very much like all back to AFC harrogate. Anyone whos seen these changes can also say that the training wont be affected as the CMSR is the same and obviously AFC Harrogate is all set up........I haven't seen the Winchester page so if any links.
  6. They have there own face book page there are a few comments on their wall re this being that last in take. Do yu think very one will now do the long course or will the tech trades keep their short one?
  7. Theres no point speculating about this until its made own thoughts on it will like it was in 2003 when the same thing happened and all trades moved to AFC harrogate and it was 42 said dont worry and once all the literature is sorted out and proper advice you will hear from the Recruiting world.
  8. interestingly i posted a comment on the Harrogate facebook wall and they replied that they thought that all JS will be coming to Harrogate in sept
  9. Two of the companies at Harrogate will change over to train those coming up from Winchester. The current idea is to run the two different courses at Harrogate to keep the short and long Junior Entry courses, and we have been told to expect them coming to us sooner than September next year. But what will actually happens could be very different
  10. Didnt you read anything i wrote, this is a year away September 2012 and nothing official??? as said all literature at the moment are on the Winchester/Harrogate Colleges and will be changed in due course once announced officially.
  11. Army Foundation College Harrogate No impact on the January 2012 intake. The full details are not finalised so please don't ask for specifics but from September 2012 the plan is to have both long and short courses running at AFC.
    this from AFC face book side
  12. Wow isnt that what I said