Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by airbourne_is_life, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. hey just wounderin if anybody can tell me what atr winchester is like because i start basic on the 21 august and wanna get a heads up.
  2. Firstly your avatar is a picture of basic Air Despatch wings worn by those serving (or have served with Air Despatch and who have completed the basic Air Despatch course). 47 Air Despatch Squadron RLC isn't an airborne unit, it is an air supply unit! Secondly learn to spell AIRBORNE correctly you mong.
  3. firstly. i used that picture to show i wanna make it to be an air dispatcher, and secondley fuk u. is really that important how i spell AIRBORNE. O and did i say AD is airborne no. its just a name that i used.
  4. You'll go far with that attitude young man. I estimate back to Winchester Station on the 22 Aug.
  5. That long :D
  6. Via the Med Centre at a guess.
  7. were we that young and brash, no, cos we didnt get filled in on 1st day :D :D
  8. ok seems im gonna last long
  9. Rule 1. Dont gob off.
    Rule 2. Dont gob off.
    Rule 3. Dont gob off.
    Rule 4. If you ignore rules 1-3, you will not realise your dream of being an Air Dispatcher as you will have a couple of collapsed lungs and will not pass an aircrew medical.
  10. If your joining the RLC then why are you going to Winchester ? I thought they done their Basic at Pirbright ?
  11. I think he's a little confused.

    He'll be more than confused come 21 Aug I think.
  12. Merely geographically challenged - perfect for commissioning, surely? :D
  13. Has "fu ck" now become one of those words that is just too exhausting for textspeakers to spell in entirety, and needs to be abbreviated? Or can kids no longer actually spell the word?

    That's worrying.
  14. I'm off to Winchester soon for my training. I've been told by a couple of people it's quite nice there. Whether you survive or not is completely down to you. By the looks of things, don't count on it.
  15. If you want to join the RLC then why are you going to Winchester for basic training? Admit it. You're a walter mitty type who likes to think of himself as Airborne. Having recently spent two years with 47 Air Despatch on secondment from 3 PARA, i can at least vouch for their professionalism. An excellent unit who don't take on walter mitties or mongs. I guess you're out of luck then! :wink: