Winchester, Jan 21.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by crescent, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Righty all, with 112 days left to go (WOOOO F'KING HOOOOO!!! YES!!! URMPH!!!!!) sorry.

    112 days left to go, thought it was my turn to start one of these things everyone loves so much :)

    So, anyone starting at Winchester on Jan 21 2008? If so what are you going into?
  2. good luck cresent
  3. Ta mate, good luck at Pirbright in a couple weeks :thumright:
  4. cheers. if i see you in some in one oh the desert countrys in the future I will get you a pint :)
  5. ha! nice one :thumleft:
  6. Yes, I will be there. Going for RMP.

    I believe you're going for RMP aswell Crescent?
  7. Yeah mate!

    Cool, where you coming from?

    How long you had to wait for your place?
  8. Yeah reet, coz Basra is flooded with f@ckin Guiness and Stella... :lol:

    You got more chance of getting a blow job off Ester Ranzen than getting a pint in Iraq or Afgan, but its the thought that counts :lol:
  9. I applied back in March but my medical papers took ages!
    I only went to selection a couple of weeks ago though , so the wait isnt too bad. I was prepared to wait longer due to the minimal RMP places available.

    Have you been waiting a long time?
  10. Coming from Blackpool. Which is fan-f'king-tastic, the coming FROM it as opposed to going TO it ;)

    Ruddyhell, I applied in Feb of this year, passed ADSC May 8th.... still, only 111 days to go eh :thumright:
  11. wow. You've had to wait some time!
  12. Maybe one of the resident DC's will brew you up something.. :)

    Now there's a thought..

    ..all the best, and remember... YOU'RE NOT GOING TO CRY!
  13. Isn't there an intake on the 25th of November at Winchester?? im going for my selection training on the 25th October and hoping to be in before xmas lol
  14. No idea.

    Yeah been waiting for ruddy ages, worth the wait though I reckon :)
  15. Alright Lads, just got confirmation that i'll be starting on the 21st as well. Going to be an Ammo Tech, thought RLC went to Pirbright normally but im defo going to Winchester. Can't wait!!