winchester 3rd march anyone?

right iv been through all this before, discharged, now im returning to same core and regiment so being put back through training, Start training on the 3rd of March at ATR Winchester if you are aswel drop me a line on here or im coming from leeds, 5 hours plus on train dear god !!

i dont mind telling anyone whos nervous what it's like and what to expect, but i will say winchester is one of the best training regiments around great facilities etc.

I'm going on 4th February, so a month before you. I'm starting to get a bit nervous about it tbh. I've been told I'm going to get a shock when I go, which is the point really. I'm sure I'll do alright though.
not wishing to piss on your parade and not being a corpsman

I'd start at RACorps
man u have nothing to be nervous about its not as bad as people make out, dont get me wrong its an intense challenge but its not the end of the world :D

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