Winchester 26th November...???

nop afew of us are starting on monday at winchester but have a greatttttt time waiting till november we sure did lol.....get training and keep up on it
for the past 6 months ive had my eyes on these forums learning and listening to what other people have to say about training...ive learnt alot and i would say always keep ya eyes on this site and get helps to gain the feeling for the army and give u alot more info...well this site helped alot for me and i hope it does the same for u best of luck maty
ive just spoken to my recruiter about the confusion with me and my selection (explained in other topics) and if i go to selection within the next couple of weeks and pass, then hopefully i shall be there on the 26th. i realy hope so because im jobless :(
Well i take my BARB test on the 20th Sept and joining the AAC so i will be doing my phase 1 in winchester, anyone know if I have any chance in going on this date?
Im going Army air corps to, and like Jimbor said "im jobless"! I did my barb about 4-5 weeks ago, after you've done that youll have to do a GP questionaire with your doctor, so if you definatly have your barb on the 20th you might aswell book your doctors interview for the week after. I had to wait 2 weeks for mine as i booked on the day of my Barb test.

hopefully ill be off to selection in the next couple of weeks, then get into Winchester for the 26th. I had some problems with my GP papers, i said id had a medical with the TA, but i had never been atested, as i decided to go regs. The fact that i was never atested caused a problem so i had to resubmit, make sure you do yours correctly!

We still have all half of september all of october and half of november to try so i cant see why we shouldnt get in for the 26th.
it all realy depends on the number of places they set aside for each job if u get me RWG1. for example if there is an intake of 30 recruits and 5 of those places are set aside for AAC, if there are already 5 AAC recruits then u will be put on the next intake in january if you get me. those number are purely for example. sorry if that confuses you!! i almost confused myself
Im going to winchester 26th november, joining Royal Armoured Corps. Im training bloody hard now so hope i will survive. Anyone else joining RAC?
marshall22 said:
Im going to winchester 26th november, joining Royal Armoured Corps. ........ Anyone else joining RAC?
Going throgh the process at the moment, it's taken an age for my med docs to get sorted but that was due to me changing doctors on the day they asked for my doctors name! They were expected back this week, I've had no calls saying I'm not suitable so fingers crossed it's onto the next stage now. Although mine has been complicated a bit by being a serving soldier before. If I make it there for 26/11 I'll more than likely be the oldest there....
you know i COULD be going on the 26th, i passed for my first job choice {RAC Crewman} and was told that the earliest date would be the 1st of October....

do they have overlapping phase 1 at the same army camp, i.e. one starts the 1st of October, 7 weeks later another one starts.....??
I'll be there.

I'm 20 years old

Already done 12 weeks of RM basic training, was medically discharged.

Now I've got the fun of doing it all again!

Anyone know the detail of the christmas leave etc etc.
Hoping to! i have selction tests on the 25th oct at lichfield and hoping to go soon after that. is that the next intake date? :)
Hiya just saw ur posting, was wondering if that is the earliest intake date for winchester?? i also have my selection comin up on the 25th of this month and couldnt come quick enough as im also jobless lol
Hey, im starting Winchester phase one. Joining Int Corps. Everyone looking forward 2 it?

Tramp, u said ur goin for Int Corps to, when did u do ur selection? mine was early september time.

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