Winchester- 23rd October Intake

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AQ would like to say thanks they will hang around the station to say hi, would it be possible you could give a time so they'd have the right parking ticket.

Before the old and bold come out, OPSEC is not a dirty word. I travelled to basic two days prior to PIRA killing the lads at the station.

The IRA threat has gone and so has all commonsense tch tch.
Opsec? Get a grip stop trying to act the big man.

You don't need to know an intake date. Go to any town near a Regt or ATR on any weekend to see squaddies everywhere. That Army Navy thing is kept quiet isn't it???

I've not seen you post that comment on any of the ATR pages that have regular posters.


Big man my arse, FFA there are a lot of ignorant morons forgetting we are currently at war with four countries at present. We have to be lucky every time they only have to be lucky once.

Anyone mentions OPSEC and twats like you pop out of the woodwork thinking that it is a idea perpetuated by conspiracy theorists.
Twats like me who stated the obvious?

You just proved my point that you are trying to act the big man.

If you were so knowledgable then you would be campaigning to have everything public about the Army banned and you wouldn't be trying to have a go at a 16 year old who has done what every other 16 year old does when joining the Army - go on a forum and seek help and advice.

Better not advise him to train hard before going. Don't want "AQ" as you put it thinking we are an Army that cares about fitness.


Now you are annoying me, just because the forum is there does not mean common sense is thrown out of the window. Hundreds of thousands of men manage to make there way to basic without the Internet.

Genuine questions are fine, however getting gripped for mentioning to a naive youngster that they have done wrong is annoying.

BTW, spent A long time picking up the pieces after people making banal mistakes with their security. Knowing that little johnny in a wooden box is actually bricks to make up the weight. Because we/I couldn't find the rest of him. This was in the uk btw thanks to PIRA.

Some of us old and bold have long memories, which the youth think is us talking out our arses.

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