winchester 17th march!!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mike_1988, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering whether anyone will be starting basic training on 17th march 2008, going in for the air corps, cant wait now! cheers.
  2. forgot to mention at winchester.

  3. Thanks for that. I was unsure where as the title only said 'Winchester 17 March 2008'. :roll:
  4. Not me.
  5. I thought that was reference the the weapon he gets issued in basic :roll:
  6. Yes I will be. Going in as Air Corps.
  7. im at atr winchester at the moment pass out on the 14th march so you lot will probally be in 3rd or 4th troop look forward to it. its well good
  8. awesome, ill see you there mate.
  9. i was in 4th troop best troop to be in at winchester.....lmao air corps makes me wonder why people want to join that part of the army...phase 2 training is 42 weeks man lol ott

    but anyways good luck at winchester
  10. yeh i am, im a re-enlistment(rac), where abouts u from ?

  11. Because you've asked the question, you'll never understand. ;)
  12. Who's phase two training is 42 weeks Gibbo???????

    I thought you had to have a huge tash and be gods gift to join the 20 minuters Flashy?????? obviously my son got in because they thought he would have the same sexual appitite with the women as his dad ie...ME (sh*te Ive left myself open with that one :wink: )