winchester 17th march 2008

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by steven8gerrard, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. whos got the same basic date?? would b good 2 kno a few people b4 we start
  2. Hey mate, yeah im off too winchester 17th march myself.... get in touch...
  3. Yeah im going to winchester on the 17th too, cant wait now, going in as air corps, how about you?
  4. i'm goin in tanks..not nervous yet tho wt bout u??
  5. am going 2 re enlister like and am rlc any 1 not got msn like
  6. Awesome, not nervous at the moment, however im sure thats all going to change in a week or so, good win for liverpool today by the way
  7. ye i'll be more nervous nearer the time..good win but sh*t that everton won aswell..u on msn?
  8. yes mate im on msn, can i give it over to you on here or does it have to be done privately?
  9. Just a suggestion mate might be an idea to learn spell before you turn up.
    Chav text speak has a habit of bringing down the wrath of AARSE on anybody using it.
    b4- Before
    2- To/Too
    kno- Know
  10. i'd suggest doing it privately mike..and cheers kev it was one of my first posts and i didn't realise ''txtspeak'' wasn't allowed
  11. is it not a bit weird a grown man about to join the army is using a picture ( and the name) of a footballer as his username ?
  12. 16 is hardly a grown man..isn't it a bit weird that you're taking time out of your day to look at my username and picture and then comment..would you prefer me to have a picture of you up?
  13. I will be there. I am one of the ones called corporal!!!
  14. no thanks, if i had a picture of me I would use it for my own profile but sadly I dont but am thinking of changing my username to Brad Pitt .
  15. if brad is your hero then go for it