winchester 17th march 2008

Awesome, not nervous at the moment, however im sure thats all going to change in a week or so, good win for liverpool today by the way
steven8gerrard said:
whos got the same basic date?? would b good 2 kno a few people b4 we start
Just a suggestion mate might be an idea to learn spell before you turn up.
Chav text speak has a habit of bringing down the wrath of AARSE on anybody using it.
b4- Before
2- To/Too
kno- Know
16 is hardly a grown man..isn't it a bit weird that you're taking time out of your day to look at my username and picture and then comment..would you prefer me to have a picture of you up?
no thanks, if i had a picture of me I would use it for my own profile but sadly I dont but am thinking of changing my username to Brad Pitt .

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