WIN!! Original MAO POSTER: Post PLA pic with caption - LING!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by LingsCars, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. I have an original Mao poster. It is 1935, and is NOT perfect, but original. You can WIN! (see below)

    It is called The poster is called "Our Dearest Great Leader Chairman Mao in the North of Shanxxi Province" (in Chinese writing under pic). Perhaps Carcass can validate (heh).


    Large image HERE. Size is 53cm x 70cm, pic area 44cm x 69cm.

    It is real original, I am developing webpage to sell some Chinese art (webpage still being finished). My sister bought this in flea market in China. I will sell similar for £20-£30 when webpage finished. I have more chinese posters on unfinished site. Site is a right mess at moment, but you get idea.

    The point is, this is ORIGINAL 1935 poster. Would look great on Army dormitory wall or inside locker instead of girl with big titties. Maybe make good dart board, but that would be shame.

    What to do: POST PIC OF WONDERFUL PEOPLE'S LIBERATION ARMY WITH DAMN FUNNY CAPTION. I look for funny. Caption must be suitable for posting on my car website, with your name, rank and IQ number and your vague job description made public. To clarify, this means I will publish your pic, caption, and name, rank etc on my car website so it must be (semi-)clean. I would like digital photo of pic in-situ in suitable Army surroundings, for publicity, if you so kind.

    3 other best entries will get Russian or Chinese text (choose) Mao Red Book (1960s/70s originals. Small and maybe tatty, but well used by party members). You must be prepared to give me name and address to post. I would also like some digital pics to post on car website of red books in Army surroundings. Do I ask too much? Every other entry that gives me name and address can have LING keyring. You should post name & address to my private message box. Only winner name details will be published on my car website (for you shy boys), but I may publish digital pics of poster and red books you send me (unattributed if you want, so blur faces and regiment sh1t if you want).

    Post!!!! Competition ends midnight 31st March.
  2. [​IMG]
    Despite being on parade, the smell of the glorious Leader's beansprout fart was too much for Lian
  3. Trust me. I am Mao. Wah!

    Just to think.......
    70 years of the people's struggle, so Ling can sell cars to the British, damn cheap!

    You like my nuclear missile trucks (and bombers, and submarines)? Pointed at capitalist running-dog West, Tony Bliar's own Sedgefield constituency.
  4. I've also got an original poster. This ones of Uncle Adolf. Dates from about 1941. Good condition, one careful owner.


    (Ling.....I think Mao actually murdered more bods than Adolf, Stalin and Rod Hull put together. Why would you want to give away a poster of a reet nasty fecker anyway? Another 'marketing ploy'?)
  5. [​IMG]

    new advances in chinese technology include disappearing train. www
  6. My GOD!!! You lot FAST. I not even finish editing post and I have entries!
  7. TLF, me being here is marketing ploy, but I do not hide this fact.

    Mao cuddly, Adolf just wierd.

    Fact that Mao killed (or caused deaths) of so many gives added zest to poster. After all, you lot are completely psychopathic, so it should suit!
  8. Yes. Funny how world turns. I point out that in 30 years Great British Army will just be sub-regiment militia department in PLA. You know it is going that way. At least with Chinese red flag, it avoids colours running in wash like Union Jack.
  9. And you're only opening it to the enlisted peeps that will be happy to trade their persec for a poster?

    So the intellectual reading body of ARRSE then......

    Beebs x
  10. Carcass, you velly funny Japanese onion. I see you are better at jokes than Japanese are at nuclear power stations.

    Good! I give you gold star!
  11. What? Is personal detail request going too far? You must tell me. Anyone can enter. I am sure we can come to some arrangement to disguise identity of SAS soldiers or MI5 ops like you Beebs.
  12. Mao liked shagging 12 year-old virgins.
    Should I write another haiku? same picture, different caption!


    (That stinks!
    Chinese people's
    stupid commands)
  13. Mao...cuddly? Mmm. I'm sure some of the 70 million (very, very conservative estimate. Prob nearer to 110 million) of his own people he dispatched would think otherwise. But brainwashed commies like you wouldnt see that I suppose? Oh glorious leader.

    I think its a tad distasteful you use a murderer as a marketing ploy. I'm sure some on here would be up in arms if a German car dealer used Adolf in a similar vein.

    PS Can you stop gobbing off about the PLA. They may have gzillions of 'troops' but 99% are crack addled fcukwits who have fewer brain cells than an RMP convention and are more brainwashed than you.

    If you keep taking the pish out of the British Army, you'll do less business than an Arab selling 9/11 hats.
  14. Sadly I couldn't take the job in MI5, my fat arrse didn't fit throught the security tubes..... Would have been nice as well, they have lovely toilets I'm told.... But ASDA is more fun :) they have a whole section with fancy cakes in it..... Oh can we have a fancy cakes from ASDA caption contest next Ling please, please, please?

    Beebs x
  15. Maybe, but shagging a 12 year old virgin is something you only do once...