Win a signed copy of Fire Strike 7/9 (Book about JTACs)

This one is dead easy - just send a PM to PR_Totty with the answer to the question "What does JTAC stand for?"

Date is wrong BTW - to be drawn on 21 Jun.

"Justice for Taliban, Arabs and Chums" ?


Book Reviewer
Good CO said:
Date is wrong BTW - to be drawn on 21 Jun.
Aha a cunning plan a la Len Deighton in Bomber, 31st June being the anniversary of the events described in said book in 1943.

As Deighton pointed out, there was no raid that night that went wrong, there was no village firebombed to destruction using enough firepower to destroy the heart of the Ruhr because a pathfinder got shot down etc, etc.

Because there was no 31st June in 1943 ... or any other year.

Obviously a cunning plan by the hierarchy to get us all to enter a competition that will never be drawn. Well if I don't win, that's what I'll claim.


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