Win a "free" steelbeasts copy...

...well not completely free. You have to do something for it.

The german steelbeast community, at TF 2011, together with esimgames are offering a best gunner competition.
Beat the a copy of steelbeasts.

What you have to do:

1.)Download and install steelbeasts version 2.538 from the esimgames website, then download and apply patches 2.546 and 2.552
eSim Games - Downloads

2.)Download and install Team-speak 3
TeamSpeak - Downloads

3.)Download and install codemeter-runtime software
CodeMeter - software protection, software copy protection, passwordmanager, software licensing, license management | Service | Downloads

4.)set up your router for multiplayergames/port forwarding (does not apply if you are connected directly by modem)
You need to enable ports 2300-2400 for TCP
and port 47624 for UDP

Note: the simulation software will only work if a guest licence in provided!

For getting the guest licence contact us
-over Teamspeak=>
-at STEELBEASTS.COM · HOME => PM to "Grenny"
-or at => Startseite - TaskForce2011

We will offer 2 training sessions on the Bergen-Hohne map.
After that you conduct a shooting range exercise...and the one with the best score will win.
Score will be dependend on:
-targets hit
-rounds fired
-time to engage
There will be penalties f.e. for firing on a target standing, while you should have fired on the move.

You can choose to compete with the following vehicles:

Leopard 1AS
Leopard 1A5
Leopard 2A4
Leopard 2A5DK
Stridsvagn 122
Leopard 2E
M1 Abrahams
M1A1 (HA)

Just try them out, and choose what FCS suits you best.
Well, thats no reason to skip it ;-)

Besides, if you where able to hit WITHOUT all the fancy stuff (LRF, stab, automatic lead...) should have a field day here.

+ I'll do my very best to introduce everyone to vehicles(thats why I mentioned the "training sessions")
Some pictures to give an idea of the competition scenario.
It will take place on the (virtual) tank-range-9 at Bergen training area(google earth at 52°47'47'' N, 9°42'25'' E):


We have "changed frequency",
Our TS is now under
Name >>>> TF2011
ip+port >>>

jus send a PM if you want the password
The competition shooting, or what you have to do.

The shooting will take place at the (virtual) range 9, Bergen training area.

You have to destroy
10 main gun tgts
3 coax tgt groups (troops, trucks)= 150 points complete

There will be 3 standing engagements and 2 engagements on the move.

You'll have
11 sabot (kinetic energy) rounds in the ready rack
3 in the stand by rack

-hit main gun tgt +60points
-hit a coax tgt +10 points

-fastest "time to engage" earns 200 bonus points,
every competitor slower gets -20 points.
(f.e. when you have the 3rd fastest time, you get 160 points)

-fastest time to complete the run (last tgt destroyed) gets 300 points.
You'll only get those points if you destroy ALL targets! If there is one tgt
left, you get 0
Again, every rank slower you lose 30 points.

-each main gun round fired: -10 points
(to reward ammo preservation )

-stoping to fire during the "move" phases earns you -50 points

So the ideal run will would get 1150 points
lets see who gets it.

I'm back from vacation.

I'll be online every day this week starting from 2000B time.

Look in the TF 2011 TS channel
(TS-Server IP: port 9913)

or here at the TS channel.

So, everyone who wants a go...I'll be there
Top-3anking so far:

10 hit 11rds = 490
all coax tgt destroyed= 100
average time to engage 4,5 sec= 200
overall time 8:36= 270
total= 1060 points

10 hit 11rds = 490
all coax tgt destroyed =100
average time to engage 10,3sec= 160
overall time 7:22 = 300

total= 1050points

Dr. Thodt:
9 hit 14 rds = 400
all coax tgt destroyed = 100
average time to engage = 180
overall time n.f. = 0

total= 680points
Bloody hell, that's a close run competition.

I'd urge any of you tankies out there to give it a go. The software is good. Far better than the pants graphics the CR2 trainer used.
05sep11 has passed,

And the prize seems to go to the UK. Details will follow...
It was a narrow win, but a difference of 10 points('cos of faster engagement time) determined the winner.

Contacts have been made, and the below shown little package is on the way to the British Isles.
Thanks for everyone taking part in competition, hope you had some fun.


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