Win 7 Pro or multi boot system?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Litotes, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. I have just had a difficult period when two computers and a backup failed on me!

    I threw cash at the problem and bought a Win7 Home Premium based system. As I transfer all the programs and data across, I fear that I will run into problems with XP and Win7 compatibility (although nothing has yet failed to work on Win7).

    Would it be better to upgrade to Win7 Professional in order to run XP based programs (inside Win7) or should I buy Partition Magic and create a multi-boot system with an XP partition?

    Grateful for advice...

  2. I have recently purchased a Windows 7 Home Premium blah laptop and have no issues running XP based programs, so can't see an issue. If you do still want XP, you could look at a virtual machine, so you won't need to **** about with partition magic (which in my opinion is not that great and dangerous in data recovery times).
  3. Thank you. I have used Partition Magic before without any problems. It seemed a decent enough program. Has that changed?

    My feeling is that I cannot gain access to my XP based backups unless I have an XP partition (or machine).

  4. I don't think Partition Magic works with any Windows after Vista but you could just use the partition manager built in to windows 7. Or like Cabana sais use a virtual machine, I'm not sure but you might have to pay for XP to use in VM though.
  5. Partition manager is your best bet; provided you have a large enough hard drive. Just create your part. and install XP on the second partition. Windows has a built in BootLoader which will give you the option on startup as to which OS to boot to. Works pretty well, I used to run Ubuntu 10 and Win7 on my home PC no problems.

    As for program compatibility, this shouldn't throw up too much of a fuss with regards to general computing between XP and 7 anyway.