Win 2x Tactical Glasses 2x Tactical Goggles - IA Bolle Competition

Planning on rioting all summer? Well if so, you must wear eye protection, and at Intelligent Armour, we are giving away more great prizes :)

August/September competition

Intelligent Armour Limited :: IA Competitions

Your chance to win a fantastic prize of two sets of Bolle Tactical Sunglasses and two sets of Bolle Tactical Goggles. These prizes are worth over £270.00

The Prizes:
• Bolle Invader Tactical Sunglasses
• Bolle SWAT Tactical Sunglasses
• Bolle X1000 Dual Lens Tactical Goggles
• Bolle X1000 Tactical Goggles

The Question:
What is the combined weight of the Bolle SWAT Sunglasses and the Bolle Invader Tactical Sunglasses?

How to enter:
Email your answer to *With your full name, address and telephone number.

Competition Rules & closure date:
The competition will end on the 30th September 2011. We will only accept one entry per person. Only correct answers will be submitted in to the draw.

The winner will be informed via email on this date. We will post the name and/or military unit of the winner both on this page and via our Facebook and Twitter. (The name of the winner will be withheld if serving in the armed forces).

All winners will be verified by the administrators of the ARRSE Forum.
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