Win £270 Rab Neutrino Pro military down jacket


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Some weirdo on the tube once leant over to me and muttered, "Between the two of us, we've got five bollocks."

Fcuk knows why some stranger suddenly felt the need to tell me he had none.
London. Does he need any more of a reason??

.................and by the way, I've liked your post, unlike all the other arses who couldn't be.........., well, arsed I suppose. Hopefully this may increase the chance of winning such a stupendous prize, offered by such a kind, intelligent and lovely type person.
You are clearly familiar with these competitions and how the winners are picked. :D
Is this competition rigged like the torch one,?
Now let's get down (SWIDT) to the important things, can you get a few poo bags and a torch in the pockets?
Does it have deep pockets cos If you can only get in as far as your knuckles, that's a different game.
You are clearly familiar with these competitions and how the winners are picked. :D
I'm not, could yo do a youtube video to explain ?

& don't forget the subtitles to over come the silly accent...


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You'll find all these comps are rigged!
Actually, none of these competitions are rigged. They are all based on very specific and fair criteria such as who flatters us the most, who slips us the most readies and who sends us nude pictures.

Although as this website is more or less wholey male, hi @The_Snail, the last criteria often backfires on us.


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Whilst I do not doubt you for a moment, what he holy **** does a dentist to with a sanitary towel during surgery?
Do you use it like a plug to stop the patient drowning in blood? If so would a gigantic tampon not be more appropriate?
Are dental surgeons prone to accidently cutting patients throats and use sanitary towels to prevent fatal blood loss?
If you pack a patients throat do they not chole to death?

My mind is genuinely boggled.......
I did say anaesthetist, so it is patient under GA.
Basically patient is asleep on theatre table lying on back as we operate on their mouth. Now the tube to keep the patient breathing goes up their nose so at bottom end of the operating area is a rather large cavity into which many things can fall, including blood, teeth, fragments of teeth, old fillings, calculus, dropped needles, scalpel blades etc.

To prevent these falling down their then some sort of packing must be placed in the patients throat.

At the end of the operation, the pack is removed, hopefully taking all the soggy debris with it.


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I suppose they use new ones.
Further to my previous posts, I forgot to mention that I love the Scottish accent, think that kilts are sexy and that I absolutely adore the sweet melodies emanating from bagpipes. I believe this competition is in the bag chaps.

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