Wimmin Bishops

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. Well, they're at it again. Not happy being Priests, the wimmin now want to be Bishops.

    How come you don't see blokes protesting that they want to be nuns. I'd be a nun. Be magic in the cold showers each morning. Apart from the old shrivelled nuns that is. Then again, you could always close your eyes as she's noshing you.

    Does anyone know of any young nuns? I'm sure they must have bike sheds in convents. I wonder if they have porn stashes?

    Can you do a nuns course for your resettlement?
  2. The Little Sisters of Mercy hear of Biscuits intentions......


  3. Who's the one on the left?
  4. Who cares dosent say women cant be bishops in the bible .
  5. It doesn't say women can't be orthopaedic surgeons either...but there aren't many of them which is just as well for the common weal!

    Women bishops? Sorry but it is precisely this type of lunatic modernising crap which leads to otherwise decent, upstanding officers in the British Army becoming Roman Catholics! When you look at the type of woman who wants to be a priest and their intellectual attainments, well it doesn't take the brains of an arch-bishop to see they are totally unsuited for the post.

  6. The one on the left is with out a doubt Beeb the wimple suits her.
  7. Yes that is me! Standing right next to GG, he does like the bad boy action when he dons his habit on a Friday night to strut his stuff in soho!

    Beebs :)

  8. You're not called Woody for nothing are you?
  9. Sorry, but I just had a PTSD-style flashback to my Stag night just then.

  10. What a load of fukcing nonsense you talk A-B. Why cant women be Bishop's, gives new meaning to 'Bashing the Bishop'. As long as they shave who gives a shiite.
  11. Well, seeing as you put it like that........