Wimmin and roundabouts!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Once_a_Grey...., Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. Living near 'roundabout hell' I constantly come up behind a dithering woman driver who hasn't a clue what to do. Do driving instructors only tell men how to tackle a roundabout as part of some Masonic deal? :?

    Posted here on The NAAFI Bar 'cos I thought I was going to blow a fuse. Calmed down now.
  2. Milton Keynes, or that horrible Round about complex in Swindon?
  3. Skemersdale is worse !
  4. God I know us woman drivers are a nightmare I mean all we do is give a blow j*b and the instructor gives us a licence it's as simple as that!
  5. You are being too specific. Roundabout Hell is Britain!
  6. but surely changing lanes in our 4x4 child mobile whilst going all the way round the roundy bout is what we are meant to do is it not?

    still managed to pass my test first time...
  7. Oh 4x4 child mobile going all the way round just how did you manage I would have been soooooooooooooo scared I mean I don't touch roundabouts as it is they scare me!!!!!
  8. RTFQ


    Whenever I see bad driving, I instruct the lass as we pass the culprit with a simple: "Demographic?" Whereby she tells me to which of the 3 identifyable groups the culprit (almost invariably) belongs.

    1. Woman
    2. Old Woman
    3. Asian Woman

    Not foolproof, but even she admits that the trend exists.
  9. OK, try this for a combination: American, female and roundabouts. That's why someone invented seatbelts.
  10. i havent seen many roundabouts in America, its mostly intersections
  11. I know. So when they come over here...
  12. If you think roundabouts are mad - got to the states and get to one of these things.

    No matter what direction you arrive from there's a stop sign. You kind of negotiate who goes first - mostly stare at each other until either the one with the biggest monster truck wins or you just say 'sod - it - all' and go for it. I've never been subjected to such a variety of gestures. No wonder they're all so uptight if they have to endure that little charade every couple of hundred metres - sorry yards!!
  13. Actually the lack of roundabouts in the States was the reason that the DVLA said I couldn't transfer my American driving license to a British one automatically but had to do the entire test over here!
  14. I hope they made you do the theory test and you had to spell licence correctly as well,,, :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  15. None of you have been to Runcorn then? Entire town built around a network of roundabouts. Town planners must have run out of ideas when it was first conceived!