Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by devexwarrior, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. I offer a thread devoted to those delightful flashes of undergarments that is the sole reason for watching womens tennis. Post 'em as you find 'em.

    Edit to add -sorry they came out smaller than expected.

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  2. The gussets or the photos? :?
  3. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Well if you will insist on uploading them to arrse, instead of just hotlinking to the piccies on their host site . . .

    NOWAH: D'you need a quick lesson? I just happen to have one I can PM to you.
  4. Anyone have an electron microscope handy?????
  5. Can't see a feckin thing just two black squares.....wheres my god damn glasses :D
  6. Noffink like watching sweaty gusset during the Wombledon Week...... More Ice-cream Vicar...? :hungry:
  7. Wimbledon is gash.....

    my coat? why thank you
  8. Gusset? Is she the French one?

    Ah! Bien! Mon imperméable et mon carrosse svp.
  9. Sheesh, I come to this thread and find that Meridian hasn't been here yet.
    I suppose someone had better start the ball rolling. (did you see what I did there) :D

    One or two of these may not be from Wimbledon...





  10. Her racket looks in need of a good service!
  11. Don't know whether she'd just farted....Venus.

  12. She used to play tennis


  13. Hmm maybe some gender testing needed I can spot at least 2 poorly hidden balls there :) 8O
  14. So did she.....

  15. Who dat?