Wimbledon - Women Grunting & Squealing

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by soprano54, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Just turned on the telly and watched a couple of minutes of match being played between Azerenka and some other young trout. Had to say the squeal that Azerenka let out everytime she gave the ball a whack was OTT and got on my t1ts! :x Can't the umpires do anything about the fcuking racket...........scuse pun! :roll:
  2. Yes, l was thinking just the same thing - fecking tart!

    Sounds like an old bosses jack russell that l 'accidently' trapped in the door once because it was pi55ing me off with its yaps
  3. Its a bird thing they do incase they fcuk up so that they can go

    "Oh but I really did try my best."

    Stop concentrating on appearing good and start being good.

    Quite frankly I find it worse than the "Pain Face" that slightly overweight sprogs put on during Phys in order to attempt to divert attention away from the fact that they are infact doing sh1t and likely to fail whatever challenge has been set.

    P.S - Tennis is sh1t you fag!
  4. Tennis is shit your right, but when theres a dead peadophile on the news all day its the only alternative!
  5. ...I've got used to that noise... 8)
  6. Did Gary Glitter die?
  7. I like it.... :)
  8. I don't understand how they can make the exact same noise every single time they hit the ball!
    They should be gagged; would make the match much more interesting!!
  9. Must be swine flu