Wimbledon Tickets 2009

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Baz44, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    Anyone have an idea how to get Wimbldon tickets at a reasonable price. Have tried the usual ticket place but to say prices are extortionate is a slight understatement, plus no one seems to do forces discount. It is zeros alphas 40th this year and I thought I would treat her as she always wanted to go (I should have looked up the prices first!).

    I understand you can get tickets at the gate etc but does anyone know the form for doing this or is someone pulling my perverbial?

    Would welcome any advice

  2. Baz,

    The time to think of applying for tickets in the lottery was last August! The 6 Ps, mate.... :D

    You have several options:

    :arrow: You could buy a debenture which will cost you some £15k, IIRC, and 0A will love you forever - or until the debenture expires!

    :arrow: Ticketmaster etc where you are buying debenture seats that will not be used. Expensive!

    :arrow: Queue up at the front gate on the day, clutching your folding chair and sandwiches. Once inside (not guaranteed, reportedly), recce the ticket booth on the Hill. Maintain a close watch on the booth (do not be distracted by the young ladies wearing not very much.... I said, do not be distracted...... oh dear....., he's gone :D ).

    The booth sells tickets to the main courts as they become available later in the day. If you are patient, you will probably see a great game with good names because the business people who normally sit there all go home at 1700hrs - and play continues until twilight.

    Take good quality sunglasses; sunburnt eyeballs are painful and take a while to repair. :twisted:

    :arrow: £500 will buy you a reasonable flat screen and £30/mth for a subscription to Sky.... Just blame the credit crunch... :D

  3. Litotes

    Many thanks yours duly noted - on all counts!

    Back to the drawing board it is then :) Might rock up and see what I can blag on the day - I could always leave her in the queue overnight for the following day - thus she experiences the full Wimbledon experience!

  4. If you want to see the big boys and girls in the big matches, then you will have to pay or queue all night! However, there are plenty of middle ranking matches available that will thrill both you and 0A.

  5. Or... discreetly :wink: flash your ID to one of the service stewards on Centre or No 1 court... they may get you a temporary seat (after you've queued outside with all the wierdos, stalkers and henmaniacs in foam UJ hats for 5 hrs of course!)
  6. Baz,

    Following up your original request...

    I have noticed that the Telegraph is offering hotel and Wimbledon trips.

    0844 391 2147 quoting TRB


    0A will be pleased!

  7. Guys

    Thanks for all the help and kind assistance

    Update - have to say blagged tickets (and do not ask me how it is a long story) to the Ladies Final on Sat £200 the pair - RESULT!
    So all is well and I am now well stocked with brownie points with 0A.

    Only problem now she has a taste for it - and wants me to work a miracle next year!

    Wrote and entry in my diary - simple says - Bugger!!