Wimbledon and the military

Would someone explain to me the historical background to the presence of military personnel carrying out stewarding functions at Wimbledon? Are they regulars or TA ? Do you volunteer for the duty or are you detailed for it? I can't think of any other sporting event where this happens, so why Wimbledon? (Not complaining, just interested).
Two lads from my Battery (Regulars) did it several times. I never got to the bottom of how they got to do it in the first place let alone more than once.

Meant I got to get in under the wire though, which was a bonus.


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I've seen it advertised in DCIs in the past, so maybe there was a DIN. Personnel volunteer, but they must take annual leave to carry out the task. They do get 'expenses' from IIRC The Lawn Tennis Assoc....
Sometimes appears in that info box on your pay statments....or it use to years ago!!
IIRC there was a thread on here previously debating this event inc contact details for a WO dealing with personnel wishing to attend, correct me if incorrect but £85 a day was mentioned i think, unable to search for the correct thread to clarify this.

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