Wimbledon 2012 Ladies - a voyeuristic feast


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I wonder, am I alone in finding the sight of athletically fit young ladies - attired in short clingy skirts and tight pants - quite arousing? The odd glimpse of cleavage, perky nipples, firm buttocks and tanned strong legs does wonders for my lascivious and very active imagination.

I draw the line on the Wiliams brothers / sisters. Though I am quite sure that B & T will be amongst the first to post "I would."

I thought about posting in the Sports forum but I don't watch tennis per se.
The ugly Ruskie. Maria (I would) Sharapova.
There is something deeply wrong with this world when people think Ennis is good looking and Sharapova isn't.

Anyway, tennis was even less worth watching when this lovely had a break:

Furthermore I might have to go & park the van near a certain SW London park after Annabel Croft said in an article she goes running there :wink:
Wimbledon!! a great excuse to perv at the gels whilst enjoying a thrapulatory extravaganza, I look forward to it every year, but my eyesight is not what it was.

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Yes there is a match on now in glorious high definition and one of the girls is peanut smuggling, the other is quite ugly though.
Do we have to just limit this to this years lovlies?

BJ (I think not) King anyone?

Just look at those thighs, could crack your head open (if you were wearing comfortable shoes).

I've ruminated and cogitated and finally come to the conclusion that I would allow myself to hump every single one of them.

Except the Williams "brothers" as they are fucking gopping.

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