Wimbledon 2008

Discussion in 'Officers' started by sparky8, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Gents, the DIN for this years tournament is now out, 2007DIN01-145. Unfortunately for you it is only open to ranks from Pte-WO1. I am the Army's recruiter and as such I would like to raise the profile of the tournament and indeed the role of the stewards to fellow Arrser's.

    The reason I post this here is that I believe that this is an excellent piece of KAPE as well as being very good for raising regimental profile so if you are commanding someone who is a good egg, looks the part then why not recommend him/her?

    Due to op deployments the Army stewards are primarily Corps men. Whilst I have no problem with this, last year I actively recruited teeth arm soldiers as I believe that they are working the hardest and could probably do with a bit of slack (two weeks in the sun, not living out of your bergan, with a handsome allowance to boot, whats not to like?). I tried to phone every infantry Adjt who wasn't deployed and despite getting positive responses, there were few applications.

    So, in short Im just hoping that a few of you out there take a look at the DIN and perhaps suggest it to your troops. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or if you would like my phone number and contact details are also included with the DIN.

  2. cpunk

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  3. ewwwwww!
  4. Due to op deployments the Army stewards are primarily Corps men.?
  5. Not really as obviously lots of Corps men are on Op Tours. I just think that they have better access to information as opposed to their counterparts in the teeth arms. For example a LCpl AGC clerk is bound to see a DIN before most.
    To reiterate, I have no worries about filling the posts with Corps men but I would also like to see plenty of other capbadges as it really does help to promote each Regiment. Two years ago I had a Gurkha on Court Intrusion (the men on centre court who ring it at each break), there were people coming up to meet him and ask him about his history after seeing him on TV previously.
    I've been there quite a few times now and certain Regiments are rarely seen. The Scottish Battalions, LI (or rifles) AAC have had little or no volunteers. It would be nice to promote this to potential volunteers as it is a great fortnight.
  6. Your ignorance is frankly offensive.
  7. Ah yes that's the Army I remember - Corps Men sitting around on their ARRSEs doing nothing, avoiding ops and picking up all the cushie numbers, stealing all the women and drinking all the infantry's beer. Infantry out there fighting all the wars, without any support from anyone, not getting recognition, not getting paid and finally being shafted over every perk in the Army .

    I'm surprised with you all being so busy that anyone has time to watch Wimbledon let alone attend.
  8. Eh? Mine? If so can you quantify that?
  9. Perhaps most soldiers just don't like tennis! or standing around watching it, mind you it could be on the up coz its a good laugh on the Wii :D don't forget to put your wrist strap on!
  10. I think this statement is what Ford, and perhaps many other CS and CSS people find offensive
  11. is this open for just Reg's or can TA help out??
  12. Really? Im REME and went to Afghan twice last year. Not that many of my oppo's are being shot at whilst doing their job unlike the Inf Bn.

    FFS if that offends you grow up, quickly & try to realise what context some comments are made in
  13. Wow - I was merely pointing out where Ford had a problem, but after that response I can see he is quite correct
  14. Brill comment. I don't want to get into internet willy jousting, its not my scene.

    Essentially Im looking for Officers to spot a good opportunity for their troops. If its lost on some then so be it.
  15. No Aussies or Kiwis on LongLook to do it this year?

    They always seem to get in on the action somehow.