Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sparky8, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. Guys, the DIN for this years tournament is out (2006DIN02-316).

    For those that dont know, the Tri-Service provides seating stewards for the tournament on Centre Court and Number 1. It is a very enjoyable two weeks which allows soldiers to sample the atmosphere of a major international sporting event and to do some much needed KAPE.

    Stewards are given an allowance for accomodation (approx £65 per day) as well as food (approx £12 per day).

    It would be great to see some different cap badges out there this year (instead of the normal influx of support arms) so OC's, Adjt's etc, if you've got a bit of a slack period please think about your troops! (Don't bite my head off, I know we are busy at the mo!)

    Its open to all non comissioned soldiers (Pte-WO1) and the dates for this year are 24th Jun - 8th July. I know the DIN says that you must take leave but I have been lucky in the past to be granted special leave which didn't come off my entitlement as it is KAPE and you are on duty in uniform so my advice would be to ask your boss and see what he says!

    I am the Army's recruiter this year so if you have any questions please feel free to PM me.
  2. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Any jobs for Officers???
  3. yeah, you can be the ball boy
  4. I have always considered Wimbledon etc to be negative recruiting. We are rightly proud of our guys on active service and are fully aware of the effects of overstretch but then see on tv uniformed service personnel walting around tennis courts doing f-all toward the defence of the realm. Ban it!
  5. Sorry 11D its just for rankers.

    A few guys have asked about TA. I'll have to check the regs next week (soz am loving Lydd @ the mo) but as far as Im concerened if we cant fill it with regs then you are more than welcome to apply.

    BTDT, come along and see the job that we do there, very professional (there have been plenty of instances of people flaking and only being around now because of the swift action of their stewards)and its great KAPE being in the eye of Joe P. We get to meet lots of people who have never talked to guys and girls in green before, including lots of kids who seem generally interested in the Army but are a bit misled by the news and the media in general. Walts a bit harsh for someone who has given up leave to stand and promote their service nest pas?
  6. Ban it? Why? All work and no play, is that your motto? 24/7 ops, is that what we should be doing? If Tommy Taxpayer thinks we're not earning our shilling then he should switch on The News at Ten.
  7. (BUMP)

    We stil have quite a few places, dont let the DIN's closing date fool you, I'll accept applications right up until the tournament if there are still places available.

    Word on the street is that the allowance may well be increased significantly this year to match the true cost of accommodation in anad around London. Whilst this is as yet unconfirmed, it will obviously be no less than £65 per day (last years daily rate.)

    Any questions please feel free to PM me
  8. Come on TIMMM !
  9. Ouchheee, please dont mate I get nightmares hearing that. If you are in the know I would love to strangle that fat smelly civvy who comes in every day and shouts that. Still I guess maybe know its "C'mon Andy"