Wimbledon 2006

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sparky8, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. I have the admin instruction for Wimbledon 2006, if anyone can tell me how I can put it up as a link for others to download I would appreciate it!

    If anyone has any questions about Wimbledon please feel free to PM me or ask here, I've done it 10 times before and can highly recommend it as a cracking fortnight with a hefty allowance to boot.
  2. Rant on

    Can't agree I am afraid, it really grips my sh1t to see service personnel (ditto police) used for stuff like this and the Horse of the Year show and I can't see any relevence in it for the armed forces. You should be on operations, training or on leave not running the middle classes social season for them.

    Rant off

  3. We take leave for it so get your facts right before you rant. It also provides a perfect opportunity for KAPE and interacting with joe public. The public absolutely love to see the armed forces in the environment and it certainly helps to answer any questions (unofficially) on their perception of military life & what its actually like.

    Please, this thread wasn't designed to debate the merits of soldiers at Wimbledon, just to inform guys and girls that the application form is now out, so if we can keep it that way I'd appreciate it.