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Wimbledon 09


At Wimbledon station today I saw 3 Norland Nannies, 1 big lass and two slim ones! Hopefully going so watch the crowd closely!
Can I just remind you that carlbcfc dedicated this thread to
carlbcfc said:
sweaty female tennis grunters in short skirts...
Now take yourself and your "sweaty" Mauuray and go and inhabit your own thread in the Sports section and leave us pervs to leer over delicate young females sweating and grunting their way through the tournament in skimpy white tennis gear.

Thank you.
I really can't get excited about the prospect of Murray doing well. Did he not say he was Scottish not British, or something similar?

Not that nationality even has much to do with it, I just don't particularly like the annoying tw@t.

I am planning on getting behind any young grunting filly that catches my eye on the court. Let's see how quick the military stewards really are......... and if any the chaps are fellow ARRSErs I just need 20 secs. I will flash my MOD 90 and be wearing (only) an S10 and George Boots so you will know I am kosher.


Book Reviewer
Murray has been upgraded by the BBC from Scottish (albeit living in Barcelona) to British
This must mean those at Auntie think he is in with a shout of winning it
Never mind if he gets knocked out he will back to being a defeated Scotsman

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