Wimbledon 08

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sparky8, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Gents, Im the Army recruiter for service stewards at the Wimbledon tennis tournament. I would love to have more teeth arms guys there this year. (I know we are all busy!) so thats why Im here
    If you fancy a couple of weeks in the sun in London, great KAPE, great for regimental profile and with a hefty allowance (£70+ a day) then why not apply?
    More details are under a thread of the same name in the Sports forum or if you would like to more then feel free to PM me.
  2. Sparky, check your pms.

  3. Just been informed that the allowance will be at least £90 per day. Thats on top of your normal wage and does not include the £12 ish food allowance.

    So to clarify, its two weeks getting chatted up by posh totty, being paid £100+ in our nations capital, at a major sporting event.

    What's not to like?!!
  4. Does it still involve using up 2 weeks of your leave entitlement?
  5. Well, thats the party line. I have done it 11 times in the last 13 years (just been lucky with tour dates & courses, no slagging please!). Of all of those times I have only been made to take leave once. Most of the times OCs are only too happy to send you away as long as you explain that it is great KAPE (keeping the army in the public eye) and that it can raise regimental profile (being spotted on centre court with your regimental embelishments or being caught in a newspaper photo.) Some OCs have just asked me to write articles for Corps magazines and others have just asked for a sneak view on centre court whilst Im there. I guess you'll just have to ask!

    The DIN also states that you will be inspected, however, its not like a regimental parade. If you don't look the part you will be asked to go back and sort yourself out. There is no bullsh!t and whilst we expect you to be professional, everyone is there to have a good time.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to PM.
  6. Wimbledon? Bloody hell! They had one only last year.
  7. Boll ocks, I go to Wimbledon every year and I always manage to get 8 people on centre/court 1 with only 2 tickets by using the tradition method of "bribing the guard with smarties and cups of tea" technique. Get a good conversation out of it as well.

    Just wondering though, having aspirations of joining the RM as an officer (yes, it's not rumration) would I get the same opportunity to do this? Or do officers get a more senior role like guarding the ladies shower room?

  8. Nah, not with your attitude.