Wimbeldon 2008

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ford_Prefect, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Wimbeldon 2008

    I found the above thread in the Officer’s forum and it annoyed me more than any post in a long while. I appreciate that the inf’s job is more dangerous, I can appreciate that he wants kilt wearing US tourist magnets but to say…..

    ……is just arrse!
  2. FP

    I don't think he really meant it to sound like that - perhaps you are being a tad over sensitive?

    It's also bollox that officers aren't considered eligible. Is this some form or reverse elitism?
  3. I worked at Wimbledon in 2002. I would never do it again! Did they mention that you have to use your leave for it? Did they mention that most the pay you get goes to some money grabbing TA units who charge you to sleep on a camp cot in their drill hall? Did they mention that travel costs are at your own expense? Did they mention that if you don't like it that you can't just walk away despite it being your leave? Did they hell!

    Anyone thinking of doing it this year needs to have a long look in a mirror. The money is crap once you take your food and accommodation out of the equation. Quite frankly it's slave labour.

    Get a job temping through an employment agency, more money and better hours. I've done both and frankly i felt as if all i was doing was lining the pockets of the LTA by providing cheap manpower.
  4. Do you think some people might do it just for the love of being close to a sport they enjoy rather than the paycheck? I'd stand around at wembley in uniform for a bag of nuts if it meant watching my team lift the FA cup!
  5. be waiting a long time then after the burnley match
  6. And I thought it was Barnsley that beat us!

    Better sort my PERSEC, somebody thinks he knows me!!!
  7. my mistake being a burnley fan i got confused with our victory over you a few years back long live djimi traore!!!!
  8. Ok, where to start?

    Ford - please check PMs

    Ethel - Officer's aren't considered for it because the Army believe that stewarding is beneath someone who holds the Queens commission (I do to). Its not a decision made by the current management team or the AELTCC.

    Rad Op - yes, you are asked to take leave. However, not all OC's/CO's make you take leave as they realise the fact that it is KAPE. No one made you stay at the TA centre. Of the 330 service stewards, the TAC only accomodates approx 70 people so all of the others manage to find somewhere. Besides, even if you do stay there you are charged about £10 a night, whilst in 2002 you were probably paid about £50 a day (I was there that year too). As for travelling costs, what did it cost to drive the ten miles per day? Did you use the free parking available? Car share? You also would have received the price of a first class train ticket in your first cheque. These days you are paid £90 a day (on top of your wage) and get a food allowance of £12 a day. So, even staying at the TAC you are walking away with £80 a day in your hand. Not bad for a days work in my book. However, Im sure you'll disagree, you sound that the type of guy who has a gripe for eveything.

    Cheap labour? Well I can't argue there. What do the AELTCC get from us? Motivated, smart, sensible, disciplined people. Able to make decisions and act quickly. For £90 a day, they know that they are getting a good deal and so do the organisers of every other major sporting event. Hence the reason why we are also being used at Lords test matches.
  9. Did someone mention Cricket?
  10. Hear Hear. Sounds like Rad Op would not go to his own Mothers funeral if it meant he had to pay for his own way there!
  11. my my you all know me so well!
  12. my my you all know me so well!
  13. Yes we do, yes we do...............