Wiltshire Police hate having Pete Doherty there

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. From NME
    Moonfest organiser claims police told him they despise the Babyshambles man
    Aug 20, 2008

    Following the news that Wiltshire Police banned Pete Doherty and Babyshambles from playing at the now cancelled Moonfest festival it has been claimed that the police have said they "hate" having Doherty in their constituency.

  2. I hate having him inhale oxygen.
  3. what vampUK said
  4. I hate having him on this planet. Its about time the ball started rolling on killing this smack rats income!
  5. Why should anyone want to have a worthless smackhead in their locality?
  6. If they keep stopping and searching him, arresting him on minor charges then conducting section 18 searches of his person and home and otherwise harassing him surely he'll pack up and leave (or they'll find something which will earn him time as a guest of the state).
  7. :twisted: No comment
  8. He tends to walk away free, most of the time.

    I agrre though. Stop and search, hound him out of the area.
  9. No, COUNTRY!
  10. I hate the fact that the lanky streak of p1ss gets the amount of publicity for his problem.

    along with this oxygen thief:-

  11. Nancy has really let go since she split with Sven. I need to go and burn my eyes out now :x
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Jeezus f*ck,Seagull!!
    I've just had me f*ckin' dinner!!!
    (Bangers & Mash,Onion Gravy washed down with a bottle of Spitfire Ale :D )
  13. Sorry fella. But that's the best photo of her I could find.
  14. What a load as shite.
    Beatles. Hendrix. Rolling Stones. Sex pistols. Stone Roses. Happy Mondays.
    and even ******* Elvis and Monroe all took drugs.

    Pete is a very talented guy. If you can listen to his first two albums of the Libertines and tell me you felt nothing then you can carry on listening to whatever crap American imported "Soul music" and any other crap "for the charts shite" as you have no musical taste at all.

    Millions of people this very moment in this country will be under the influence of drugs. I for one know as I grew up in Warminster (wilts) that the town was full of all manner of drugs. If the police have PD as the main reason to be afraid of drugs it just shows how far they are from tackling the problem.

    I could name 10-20 of the people in my school that are now addicts. All a long time before PD and AWH were on the front of the sun every ******* day.

    At least PD and AWH pay tax and lots of it. Not like most of the free loading drug scum in every village town and city in this country.

    Seriously do you think that this guy is Satan??

    When I was in the army loads of my mates were dependent on alcohol and it was seen as a badge of honour to turn up after 2 hours sleep and shit shit faced.

    The "war" on drugs won't be won by killing a few pop stars.
  15. Fuck off you boring but sensible cunt.