Wilton - Whats it like for a T1?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TheCleric, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. I believe it's 243 Sig Sqn. Any class one techs posted there? Looking at a posting in the south and naturally I want to avoid Blandford and Tidworth/Bulford and this small unit came to mind.

    What's it like? Does the post still exist anymore and more to the point is there any available that anyone knows off?

    After info such as what the blocks are like (SLAM? old and crap, do they allow phone lines etc), broadband speed (download lots) and Wilton on the razz. I know Dorset and Wiltshire very well so no info req'd about the locale, apart from the pubs obviously. Also, what's the taxi fare into Salisbury?
  2. My bold: Why don't you like hard work!!
  3. I work at Wilton, along side 243 sig sqn, they're a good bunch of lads. No idea about the accomodation inside, but it looks ok outside. I believe they've got internet in there too.

    Wilton's cr@p on the lash, but Salisbury is 2 mins down the road, and full of slappers....allegedly ;)

    Taxi to Salisbury is about £5 there, £8 return
  4. You want to watch it tb ! You´re starting to sound like a certain SSM who used to be at 7 :D

    Deep breath and have a brew mate :wink:
  5. Nothing wrong with Tidworth (the work) anyway! Armour never hurt anybody, and being a tech he wouldn't work on the tank park anyway just in the workshops. However if you like working in a SCP then Wilton will suit you down to the ground.
  6. My bold

    Try telling that to the victims of track and turret rash :D

    I seem to remember a time when you were quite happy "living" in a MC/L :wink:
  7. Ahh the days!! :D I still command and drive now!!! Due to the lack of people with Cat H! Still love it though - Allegedly :p
  8. You do fucking what ? :omfg:

    Ahhhh I forgot ! YOU don´t have to do a complete turnaround these days do you ! :wink:
  9. No just make sure that it has been done properly when I inspect them on completion! 8O
  10. Better than doing the turnaround yourself mate :D

    "I´m just going to sort the crypto/weapons/admin out" (i.e. have a brew) ! Give me a shout when you guys think that you´re ready for inspection :p
  11. No, I love it. Just after doing two armored units in Germany and now at a busy Regiment, I wouldn't mind a posting that's a little "different" work wise. Not only for myself, but I think it'd be better for me when I sit on the FofS board, having a broader range of experience and all that.

    I would really like a posting at SST in Blandford with the Cormorant lot, but there's none available at the moment unfortunately. I don't really know what 243 do TBH, and I'm not sure anyone one here could really answer that due to OpSec but that's for me to find out through work and the RCMO when I finally see him for my FCR.

    Thanks for the info mate 8)