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  1. A guy came down past my house today with a 194? jeep,
    now I wouldn,t let him leave until he let me stroke it and fondle it and give it a good licking(the jeep that is) The restoration was immaculate, It still had all the original gear..pickaxe and shovel and so on, and even a deact rifle albeit a smle which I suppose wasn,t correct? I would love to have one to restore but they are making big money now.
    what vehicle from the past would you like to get hold of for a project and why?

    he told me he also has a ferret complete with bren ffs..am going to see it on saturday, and this is in N/Ireland who would ever have thunk it?
  2. Universal Carrier, they even had them at Fort George in 1939 8)
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    Ford Cortina MkII. Because it would bring back memories of childhood.

  4. The army was still using them for driver training when I joined :oops:

    I am over 21 :)
  5. RP578
    Would agree with you ...pure mechanical simplicity.
  6. An old aircraft carrier would keep me busy for awhile I suppose but where to get one????
  7. NASA are selling off the Space Shuttles if you've got £17m or so to spare!!
  8. But, on a more serious note, wouldn't mine a Willy's myself, some geezer near my mum's place has got one, and an original (I think) trailer.
  9. My father reckons they were awful things off road and fell over at the drop of a hat.
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    when I was in Jersey at my parents place over the summer there was a bloke with a perfectly restored Kubelwagen in panzer grey driving around... even had the MG34 on a pintle mount. Blue_Sophist probably knows who it is.
  11. I pass a Kubel crying out for restoration once a week. Am tempted but my eye is still on the Universal (bren) carrier.
  12. I've just got a 1955 willys M38a1, stiil in bits at the moment as its being repainted , also regualy drive a 1944 era jeep belonging to a friend . Surprisingly nice to drive , only 3 fwds gears !.

    Among the vehicles friends own are halftracks , GMC 6x6 lorrys , a 1960 Reo 6x6 , Scorpion , 342 , Chieftan , and currently being restored, an M10 achillies .

    Having driven all of them I am full of admiration for those young men who drove and fought in these vehicles, driving a Sherman for an hour left me knackered and sweating and we were only going round fields.

    For me money no object restoation would be a Hawker Tempest with the napier sabre engine , awsome plane with i'm told one of the loudest engines ever - even in wartime locals complained about the row they made taking off .