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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. A) I don't own a flash car, expensive house, have a massive salary, a holiday home overseas or the spare cash at the end of the month to pay for £2000 worth of fireworks to impress my neighbours with.

    B) I do have a large penis and a girlfriend only slightly more than half my age.

    Why is it that those who have (A) but not (B) feel the need to bang on about it so fucking much?
  2. Big bangs don't always need a light.
  3. Congratulations - very impressive for a 22 year old...

    (And why do you feel the need to bang on about being a big dick and having a g/f?)
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  4. Large you say. Or does she just think it is because she is 12?
  5. Isn't there something about small hands making things look big. Heard it somewhere.
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  6. Yes small hands. Or maybe you are measuring it from underneath? That is called cheating. In a few years she will be wise to that one.
  7. I'd swap half my penis length for (A). I'm pissed off with having to wear knee-length shorts. And it's uncomfortable having my knob end dangling in the water when I'm having a shit.
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  8. "I've got a small dick, I'm a shit fuck, I've got BO, I pick my nose & scratch my balls, I fart on public........what this isn't the confessional booth"? "Oh.....other website.....oops, sorry to disturb."
  9. H3

    H3 LE

    Why are You banging on about your under age flange !!!
  10. I've got small hands and a tiny cock. Am I beyond help?
  11. The DIY forum is for you...
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  12. I think you'll find that you have been shitting in the Bidet.
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  13. your lucky ..... Ive got a small cock and very big hands.

    thankfully the cock is in the garden where he should be crowing with his hens :)
  14. I had a boyfriend who used to tell me how the gf before me was half his age, apparently he'd had to finish with her in the end as people thinking he was her father started getting to him. His bragging about it actually made me feel quite insecure. Then I met her:
    Age is no indicator of looks...
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  15. I have a flash car (and a runabout), my house is paid for, sufficient funds and enough money at the end of the month for a laser light show (fireworks are soo yesterday).
    My penis is huge and my girlfriend is an 18 year old page three girl.
    But then I don't like to boast!
    (I also have a very vivid imagination).