Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Social_Handgrenade, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. I tried searching, but looking for "Wills" brings up just about every thread ever written, so apologies if done before.

    Was talking to the missus the other day when the subject of wills came up... as it does in your mid 30's!

    When I went to Bosnia in 97 we all had to fill out a will which was handed over to the platoon staff and then never heard of again.

    The question now is whether it's still valid and if so, how the hell do I go about getting hold of it? The doris is not overly happy about the thought of evrything I own being handed over to my mum if I kark it!
  2. Write a new one, date it today.

    Problem solved.

    That would cost you a fortune in legal fees if I was a shark.
  3. Just write a new one, a solicitor will do it and I've seen them online. WHSmiths also used to sell them. Don't forget you both need one.
  4. It is indeed still valid. I assume you filled out a MOD Form 106?

    A new one will make the old one invalid.
  5. Much obliged chaps, seems bloody obvious now you say it!

    I'll give her a slap when she gets in
  6. Avoid the DIY ones. They sound good. They're not. Never mind the 'solicitors will charge the earth' stuff either. For your long term peace of mind, go and see a solicitor and have them draw up your will. Shop around first. They'll tell you what the fee is before you agree to hire them.
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  7. She'll be a while I haven't finnished with her yet.
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  8. I got mine done this morning as I put some clauses in it. The military one is a bit simple.

    6o notes, plus yer vat,

    My mate's old dear karked it all unexpected like, intestate, and my mate had a mare getting it all sorted.

    I'd rather pay some theiving **** now than have them hold my family to ransome once I'm brown bread.
  9. If you're in a trade union some do a free will writing service.
  10. And don't appoint a solicitor as sole executor if you can avoid it. It's like giving them a blank cheque on your estate as far as their fees are concerned. Appoint a couple of close mates/family as executors and let them decide which solicitor will administer your estate. Whoever it is will have to get their agreement to any fees.
  11. Keep it as simple and straightforward as possible. The more complicated you make it the more difficult it is to administrate and of course the more expensive.
  12. We made some sort of Mirror Will, where each gives the same parts to the other, with the stipulation that my daughters from the first marriage inherit the lot when we are both dead.... (I'd hate to think my wife's madcnutbitch of a sister getting her claws on anything )
  13. Remember no military will, or ex-mil will, is binding unless it starts with '£1,000* is to go behind the bar for the p1ss up'.

    *however much you can afford really.
  14. Yes we did the same the solicitor said 'what if you both go on a plane to benidorm'. I assured him we'd not be going there, should have just said what if you both die at the same time.

  15. That'll cost you 2 quid if you fly Ryanair.......