Willis digs into piggy bank...

See that Bruce Willis, channelling Duke Wayne, has written a cheque for $ 1 Million and just needs to put a name on the top line.. he's offering the ' reward ' to anyone who can ' deliver' Osama or one of his top Lt.'s in an effort to stimulate some much needed intel that, apparently the CIA and related professional agencies just can't seem to come up with..

FFS.. thought ol Brucie would just walt in there himself what with all his military/police training in such films as Tears of the Sun, Hostage, Die Hard 1,2 and 3, etc. etc..- hell, even stuff he learned on Hudson Hawk ougt to come in handy..

Wonder if it will help ' turn ' a trusted confidant of Bin Laden into a stoolie figuring he could buy a few dozen virgins with American cash instead of waiting to die a martyr and get them for free in Heaven...
Wasn't Willis one of the people who refused to fly post-Sept 11th and when challenged for being a pansy-wuss claimed it was because his children had begged him not to?


War Hero
That pretty boy chump Mark Wahlberg was due on one of the 9/11 flights but was late and missed it, probably gave Brucey a scare to think one of his fellow 'professionals' could of copped it

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